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2nd November 2006
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I’ve just been on a favourite forum of mine and read something I am not particularly happy about.

Basically a certain internet marketer sent out an email to his list saying:

If you already bought [product name] go ahead to [vendor] and refund. After that buy through my link

There have been a whole load of launches recently with every big marketer offering bonuses for anyone who buys through their affiliate link. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s health competition I suppose and I am not aware if it breaks any terms or conditions….

But, the problem comes where people start trying to steal commissions in this manner by urging customers to refund a purchase and then re-buy it through another link.

It started with the StomperNet launch and looks like it is starting to spread with others deciding to use this dodgy tactic. The person who first did it (as far as I can tell), said:

I’d contact Stompernet IMMEDIATELY and tell them you meant to order through [certain marketer]’s link. And that if they don’t change it so that you can go to the [certain place], you are going to ask for a refund!

Things could turn ugly with this tactic. I for one won’t buy from either of these people ever now that they have done this.

As far as the discussion thread goes, so far it has received 70 posts in just a few hours.

The person concerned has replied but his reputation hasn’t been enhanced by this very silly mistake. I’m watching for anyone else doing this – there is too much deception on the internet, making potential customers very wary of dealing with anyone.

The last thing we need is something else to add to this…

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  1. I used to be on that particular “marketers” list. He sent far too many promotions so I un-subscribed.

    I have to admit to being a bit sick of all the recent launches. One guru has referred to it as “The October Effect”. I have received so many “don’t buy through any other link until you see what I’ve got to offer – clear your cookies and buy through my link”. I think its disgusting.

    These people are always sprouting how much they make per month so why do they need to resort to gutter tactics like this?

    I have a list myself, but I have made a conscious decision over the last month to not promote products from this “group of gurus” due to the type of marketing strategies they employ.

    I have become very quick to unsubscribe to their newsletters (which for the most part are thinly disguised promotion after promotion).

    I think there will soon be a shift in Internet Marketing (or at least there need to be). I think people will soon get very hacked off and become very particular about who they allow to send them email.

    This can only be a good thing. I like good content and am happy to accept the odd recommendation with it – but this blatant promotion after promotion crap is doing my head in.

    I advise all – to vote with your feet (well mouse click in this instance) if the content is no good. Maybe list owners (myself included) will start delivering properly instead of always asking for money?

    Comment by Barry — 16th November 2006 @ 5:06 pm

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