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3rd November 2006
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Go back a couple of months and I seemed to be on a “scam-busting” crusade.

First I wanted to stop people from getting sucked into the incredibly poor “Data Entry” and “Type at Home” schemes which were being advertised anywhere there was an internet marketing or work from home topic printed.

In relation to Data Entry Pro, I even wrote the following in the newsletter I freelance for:

…the instructions are so poor and the scheme so mis-sold that you may find you lose a lot more than the cost of the opportunity…

It must have been due to the massive refund rate for Data Entry Pro and its copy-cats but Clickbank pulled the plug on all of these “products” a month or so ago. Good ridance.

Whilst on my “crusade” I also did a whole load of research on the Prosperity Automated System which was introduced to the world by Mr Bill Osterhout. Most people could see that this particular scheme was just a money-go-round Pyramid Scheme where the vast majority of participants would lose thousands of dollars.

I thought it would collapse with the heavy hitters running off to leave everyone else with a negative bank balance.

However, the SEC in the US brought a stop to this particular pyramid scheme at the end of September. Of course, Osterhout has been stopped for the moment but there are similar schemes which have risen to continue in the same vein as PAS.

Let’s see how long these ones last…

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