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4th September 2008
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A popular topic for discussion last year was the Lazy Lay System from “Bill Stratford”.

I’ve yet to be convinced that Stratford exists but that’s not really important.

What is important is: does the Lazy Lay System work?

From November 2007 to June 2008 I tested the system and found that, despite some very annoying drawdowns, the system did turn a profit over 233 days.

In fact, I managed to turn £200 into £206.03 after laying the favourites in 151 races – a profit of 3.02%.

Not very exciting and certainly not worth the time or effort.

However, I haven’t given up and the new season has started again from the 1st of September so I am now publishing my results as I did last year.

Please see the following webpage for the latest on my progress with this system:

The Lazy Lay System – Results for 2008-2009

Last year this blog attracted a number of comments about the system and so please do feel free to post your thoughts and experience of the Lazy Lay System below. I have now closed the comments on the previous blog post.

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