Avoid the scams, find out which Business Opportunities actually work
9th November 2006
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I saw a few posts on a forum today where the poster was spamming the same content over and over along with an affiliate link for a product known as “Survey Scout”.

It reminded me of a question I was asked about this time last year:

Firstly, congratulations on a clear no nonsense site with pertinent observations. Your Andrew Reynolds and Tim Lowe reviews set the tone. This is my first visit.Have you any comments on two of your advertisers operations, firstly Russell Shedden’s V-Services.co.uk and secondly cash4homework.co.uk 

Inevitably as advertisers I cannot expect a super critical report, but I am looking for a simple way to substantially boost a pension. Limitations? Very poor computer abilities.”


The person posing the question had mistaken Google AdSense for people paying me to advertise on the site.


My reply was:

(1) Cash4Homework.co.ukThis seems to be a scheme whereby the promoter shows you how to find “paid for surveys” kind of work. It is true that you can get paid to take part in surveys and online discussion groups but the problem is two-fold: 

(a) This information is free if you spend an hour or two looking for it. ciao.co.uk is one scheme, there are many others. What you will usually find is that instead of making money, you earn points to redeem against gifts.

(b) These schemes are often extremely over-subscribed – there are thousands of stay-at-home mums, students etc who flock toward these surveys and they go offline quickly. Also, the companies tend to target specific social groups – young mothers, kids etc. If you don’t belong to the group, you cannot take part.

In short, not a great income opportunity.

(2) V-Services.co.uk

I can’t figure out what Russell is offering here as he does not give a good explanation of the business he is in. He sells a £10,000 a month scheme for £50 or so and if you were earning £10k a month, would you sell the idea on?

The guarantee is not rock-solid. It looks like you have to work for 12 months before you can claim your money back. Would you throw good money after bad to regain £50?

As I mentioned in the last email, the adverts are placed on my site by Google, I do not choose them although I do earn money “per-click”. Some offers are a lot better than others.”


As you can tell from the above, I don’t think much of these “paid survey” schemes.


My recommendation would be to avoid them, unless you fancy earning a few points towards some free gifts…

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