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12th November 2006
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The latest issue of the What Really Makes Money newsletter popped through the door yesterday.

Nick Laight’s newsletter is published 10 times a year and delivered for just £37 for the first year.

This month the features included:

– Investing in Romanian property for 15% – 100% annual returns! Unfortunately, I still need to get on the UK property ladder but still very interesting…

– Building an email list. Nick explains why you should build one and how you can make £10-£30 per year, per name

– A review of Peter Walters’ “Cash From Your Camcorder” which apparently is like Bill Myers’ 10 DVD set released about a year ago

Yet again, another excellent newsletter, it is well worth taking a look if you are not already a subscriber:

Click here for Nick Laight’s What Really Makes Money newsletter


  1. Got to be the best business newsletter ever. Nick tells it like it is and really commits himself to biz opps. £37 for the first years subscription is a steal. A must for anybody interested in starting their own business. Get your cheque in the post NOW.

    Comment by stuart cooper — 17th November 2006 @ 11:22 am

  2. Hmmm, Nick Laight’s WRMM. I thought this was great too apart from one thing, Nick’s friends. Two that i know of were 1/ Avril Harper and 2/ Fleet Street Publications (i think we all know them!!). Avril Harper must be super woman?!. One of the biz opps Nick reviewed was the Wade World Trade (import/export) opp. I paid the money for the course, (which i was impressed with), but what i didn’t like was Nick’s review which was more like “i used to work for them (Fleet Street Publications) so i think it’s a good opp”.
    As far as the opp goes, yes, i was impressed with it as i said but when i phoned Wade to get help/advice etc, i was quoted the manual. Err, i have read the manual, i need advice. Needless to say i have not renewed my membership with Wade (maybe i was just unlucky??!!) but i have not given up on the idea of being an import/export agent. WRMM has given me some useful info but some of it is biased. (which i haven’t seen in bizopps!!).

    Comment by Babs — 22nd November 2006 @ 10:47 pm

  3. Hi Babs

    Nick Laight here. Well, I guess you are judged by the company you keep. You are right that Avril is a friend. Lovely woman who really does have superhuman powers! I have known Avril for over 10 years and she never ceases to amaze me with her passion for what she does and her prodigious output of excellent information products.

    As to Wade World Trade – they are owned by Wentworth Publishing – NOT Fleet Street Publications Ltd. Either way, I still believe their course is the best of its kind available and stand by my review 100% (and no I dfon’t get a penny in kickbacks!



    Comment by Nick Laight — 7th December 2006 @ 4:34 pm

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