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13th November 2006
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The “How to Make £1,000 per Day Before Breakfast” manual arrived on Saturday morning but unfortunately I didn’t hear the postman so I had to go and collect it today.

First things first, the package contained:

(a) An A4 printed manual, 96 pages long called “How to Make £1,000 Per Day Before Breakfast: Discover how to receive sacks full of money, each and every day – delivered direct to your front door!” This is the manual which is apparently written by Terry Wilson

(b) A short (25 page) A4 printed report entitled “£45 in 3 Minutes… Or Less!” and

(c) A 3 page introduction letter from John Harrison, the publisher and co-owner of Streetwise Publications.

I’ve been able to read about 40 pages of the manual so far and it seems very good.

In my initial blog post about Terry’s book I noted that the sales letter promised a technique which Terry used to make £5,000 in his first month:

… without any selling, with no staff or premises and without any start-up capital…

Reading the manual, it is about information publishing and especially selling via Direct Mail. There is probably more to it but direct marketing certainly does need start-up capital.

Also, you definitely will be selling as you will be producing information products to sell to the general public.

Still, the manual looks very detailed and I will be reading the rest this week. Some of the text does look strangely familiar – perhaps from one of John Harrison’s books?

Does Terry Wilson even exist? Is this another made up person like “Vicky Smith” aka the author behind the Golden Backdoor?

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