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19th October 2006
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Although I have been actively buying Business Opportunities for about 2 years now I had never managed to get on Streetwise Publication’s mailing list.

Reading a review of John Harrison’s book “The Money Making Magic of a Funfair Goldfish” I decided to contact the company and buy the book.

I knew that by buying a product from Streetwise, I would get onto the mailing list.

The book was very good, full of interesting stories mixed with money making tips and ideas. A full review will be available shortly.

After buying this in January, loads of offer for various Business Opportunities have come through the door. And, of course, all of the sales letters have gone into my swipe file. The sales letters are excellent, John Harrison knows how to write good copy.

I must admit that I haven’t purchased much from Streetwise – just 2 books and the following newsletters:

(a) The eBay Kommando newsletter, edited by Oliver Goehler and
(b) The Passive Income newsletter, edited by Iain Maitland

So far I have had several issues of each. The Passive Income Newsletter (PIN) is very good and the editor, Iain Maitland, does a great job in my opinion.

He recently contacted me to say:

Hi Ben,

I just stumbled across the review you’ve done of PIN – thanks for kind words. It is a bona-fide product and we do put a lot into it.

We have opened up a little from passivre income as the feedback from readers suggests they want to know lots about all sorts of things and I have tried to meet that in the newsletter and weekly emails.



You can see the review of PIN at:


I’ve put up a little information about Streetwise Publications on the site:


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