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18th November 2006
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Busy day today for mail, I got volume 21 of the eBay Kommando newsletter from Streetwise – edited by the “eBay Kommando” himself, Oliver Goehler.

As per usual there were 3 sales letters in the package:

(1) The Driver’s Survival Handbook which is a staple addition,
(2) An 8 page letter selling a DVD containing self defence secrets for women… and
(3) Another sales letter for the Terry Wilson package which I have already mentioned several times.

The newsletter itself was a little different than usual, this time around Oliver spent 4 pages describing exactly how he put together a profitable “real-life eBay project”.

It was very interesting, Oliver seems to combine direct mail strategies with eBay to great success. By that I mean that he writes a sales letter about the product he is selling in his eBay description. He directs the letter to any viewers, selling the benefits of that particular product.

The remainder of the newsletter contained some usual features such as the “Powerseller of the month”, “eBay seller interview” and the “Ask the Kommando” section where Oliver responds to readers questions about eBay.

Oliver also covered some tactics to use for the festive period, spilling his secrets for “Successful Christmas eBaying”.

I haven’t covered Oliver Goehler’s eBay Kommando newsletter yet on the main site but I will put this on the “to-do” list so expect a review soon.

I have already covered another of his products, click below to read more:

Oliver Goehler and Streetwise Marketing/NAP Publishing

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