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29th April 2009
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Just over a week left until the LFMpire event starts so if you were sitting on the fence about attending, it is time to make a decision.

For more background info, see the previous post:

Robert Puddy’s LFMpire Seminar, Bristol, May 2009

My advice would be to just do it – clear your diary, book the ticket, book the hotel, jump on a train and get down to Bristol.

Come and join us on the Thursday night in the hotel bar and get involved.

What you’ll find when you get to the bar are 80+ UK based internet marketers eager to network, looking to find new business contacts and excitedly talking about the business (often giving away their best tips too, once they’ve had a couple of drinks).

At the last seminar organised by Robert Puddy (the Britpack Live Seminar in Coventry) the bar was packed each night and attendees saw the results of deals done at that seminar for months afterwards.

These events are focused on helping you in your business. They are a different kettle of fish to the numerous ‘pitchfest’ seminars where the idea is to get you in a seat from 9 ’til 6 over 3 days and show you a procession of different sales pitches.

The first ‘Puddy’ event I went to yielded over 40 pages of notes that I still refer to now. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that it added 5 figures to my profits that year. All for a small investment of a couple of hundred dollars for the ticket and then beer money and hotel costs. A small price to pay for some excellent knowledge.

Sincerely, I can’t really recommend these events enough. Before I attended my first one I was very apprehensive about the idea of attending seminars. However, I took a chance and travelled to Birmingham in 2006 and it was a superb three days.

I now have lots of contacts in the industry and meet up monthly with several other marketers in a mastermind. I’m not promising you’ll have the same experience as me but I’m willing to bet you’ll have a great time if you attend.

8 days to make up your mind:

[Link removed – site no longer live]

And if you do decide to attend, make sure you come and find me at the bar. I’ll buy you your first drink and introduce you to some very successful marketers. And who knows where that could lead you…

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