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21st November 2006
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So, there you are, laying on the beach with your laptop and cocktail.

You’re in your shorts “working away” while your kids play in the sand and your wife watches from the palace you had built on the cliffside.

This is the idea, though, isn’t it? With internet marketing, you set it up, let the customers click away, and the money just comes rolling right in. Then, you’re a millionaire!

Mike Filsaime hates to break it to you, but that’s just not the way it is anymore. In his free downloadable report, “The Death Of Internet Marketing” he explains how things are changing (there’s WORK involved in this business!) and what you must do to keep up.

In short, internet marketing as it has been done over the last few years, died and forgot to lay down.

Quite a claim, isn’t it?? Well, here’s how it works:

In today’s market, there is too much competition, too many products, too many marketers, and too few clicks. That means it’s harder to make money through internet marketing.

The internet is flooded with marketers. It’s not just a few well-known gurus like it used to be.

And it’s incestuous; everybody’s learning and copying from each other. Now, you have marketers marketing to marketers, and everybody knows the tricks.

The result of this is mass sharing of ideas – a good thing. But the downside is that it’s harder than ever to make money with the internet.

In the book, Mike Filsaime attacks internet marketers for their shoddy business practices. He critisizes them (including himself) for mistaking efficiency for effectiveness.

He cites the legends of offline marketing, the guys who made it in the 60s, 70s and 80s. He says that almost all the internet marketers he knows today would not have made it back then.

It sounds harsh, but he includes himself among them. And he’s not just cutting everybody down, but suggesting ways to improve your operation to make more sales. The book is full of useful information to help marketers keep up with the changes occurring in the internet marketplace.

“The Death Of Internet Marketing” is a hard-hitting report, and it’s not just hype and a flashy title. Mike Filsaime calls a spade a spade. He tears today’s internet marketing apart, and shows solid ways marketers can improve their business.

So, don’t shed any tears for internet marketing. It’s not really dead, he just said that to get your attention.

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