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4th August 2009
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Back in the good old days it was possible to sell digital products on eBay. In fact, I know of one particular marketer who made a fortune selling on that site alone.

eBay then went and changed the rules and banned digital products which pretty much instantly ruined some businesses and made some great software almost completely redundant (I’m thinking about MyDD but there were others).

Over the years I’ve made some good money from eBay.

One trick was to buy old business opportunity manuals which had been listed incorrectly and then flip them for profit.

One I remember quite well had been listed with the title “To be Wealthy in simpl way” and no picture.

Reading the description I discovered that it was a second hand copy of Vince Stanzione’s “Making Money From Financial Spread Trading” course.

I won the item for £17.49 (which included postage) and then as soon as I received it I created a new listing, dressed it up a bit with a good photo, decent description and a very descriptive title and set it up as a Buy It Now item.

That item sold after a couple of days for £80 and I made a quick £35 profit after fees and postage. It was a simple way of making a few pounds profit without doing much work.

Another trick I used was to search for misspellings of a UK marketer’s name. One search term I used was “Goheler” which will tell you immediately who I was searching for. It was often possible to buy his products cheaply because the seller had spelt his surname wrong, and then create a good listing with a reasonable Buy It Now price and ‘flip’ the item for a nice profit.

I’m sure this still works if you are willing to put the time in although I’ve not sold much on eBay in quite a while and if I do I tend to just use eBay to clear out items that I don’t use anymore.

However (didn’t you figure I was leading up to something?)… I’ve just listed some biz opp items on eBay as I’m clearing out some DVDs etc I haven’t watched in a while.

It’d be nice to see them go to someone who will use them and if you’re reading this you obviously have some interest in making more money.

The first item is Mike Filsaime’s “7 Figure Code” seminar which includes 16 DVDs showing unedited footage of his $5,000 seminar held in February 2007.

You can find more details of that auction here:

[Link removed as item has now sold]

The second item is an 8 DVD set of Andrew Fox’s “Millionaire MEGA Yacht” seminar/brainstorming session with Dave Miz, Jeff Walker and Ewen Chia.

Like the 7 Figure Code DVDs, this starts at just 99p:

[Link removed as item has now sold]

The third set is 4 DVDs and a CD from Sean Roach’s Rip2it company. These materials are only given to members of Rip2it and are not available to purchase separately.

They also start at just 99p (can you see a trend here?):

[Link removed as item has now sold]

I’ll be listing more items over the next few days so make sure to keep an eye on the main site where there is a list of all the items I am selling:

Business Opportunity Manuals, DVDs and Videos For Sale

This is a clearout meaning I’m not looking for a huge profit, I just want to see them go to someone who will use them. In effect, these business opportunity courses could go for just 99p so make sure you don’t miss out!

Any questions, please either leave a comment on this post or ask me a question through eBay’s “Ask the Seller” feature.


  1. Hi i want to send a Direct Debute fourm to street wise pulications at Rotherham so that i can get the free trial package of ” How to Become a Cash Millionaire and Retire Debt Free Within 4-5 yeard” and then i’ll have to start paying £29.95 for the rest of the 11 sets every month, can you honestly advice me,is this a scam, does it really work will i be better of keeping my bank details, can you advise me honestly becasue i’m looking to change my life style for the better but i dont really know if i can afford to get scammed again. Thank you.

    Comment by mary — 18th September 2009 @ 10:49 am

  2. As far as I am aware your subscription is via standing order. This means that if you don’t like the material you can simply ring your bank and cancel the standing order and you will have no further obligation. As the first month is free you won’t be charged until the second month.

    Comment by Ben — 18th September 2009 @ 4:54 pm

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