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25th November 2006
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Got another sales letter for Hugo Lawrence’s “PentaTrade Profit System” this morning from Streetwise Publications.

They want to give me a “cast iron” 30 day money back guarantee so I can:

“Tear open the packaging , watch the DVD, listen
to the audios, read the beautifully produced
full-colour training materials…”

I did notice that they have changed the sales letter to remove the strange comment about other trading systems. You can read more about that particular sales letter here:

Hugo Lawrence and the “Pentatrade Profit System”

I have received a lot of letters about this particular opportunity so I decided to have a root around the web to find out more about Hugo Lawrence.

As I mentioned in the last blog post about PentaTrade, Hugo Lawrence was advertising in the national press earlier this year. I mistakenly said it was the Sunday Times but, looking back at my records, it was actually the Mail on Sunday.

His first advert was printed on the 5th February 2006 and it advertised two websites – bcfpublishing.co.uk and 2busy2trade.com – both of which are now offline.

The first site (bcfpublishing.co.uk) offered a trading course called “Secrets of Financial Trading” for £97, quite a lot less than the £2000+ needed to buy the PentaTrade Profit System.

In the sales letter for this course Hugo states:

The fee for my home study course is just £97.00.
Why is my course priced so low? Because I know
there are people who charge exorbitant fees for
trading information

The second site (2busy2trade.com) offered a more expensive trading course called “Trading for the Long Term” for $425 (discounted from $895).

It was quite interesting to see that this course focused around trading a “Window of Opportunity” – just as PentaTrade does.

The second time Hugo advertised in the Financial Mail was on Sunday the 23rd April 2006 where his ad only contained the BCF Publishing website.

By this time Hugo had changed the website so that it advertised his “Private Protege – Mentoring For Success Program”. This was priced at £695 and involved a trading course in Devon limited to just 10 attendees.

The site contained several testimonials from past students who praised Hugo’s teaching methods as well as the same photo of Hugo in front of dual monitors which is present on the PentaTrade sales literature.

It looks like Hugo Lawrence has put his BCF Publishing websites on hold so that he can concentrate on supporting the PentaTrade students…

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