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20th October 2006
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Back in 2003 I was working in a deeply boring and poorly paid job. On a weekend I would get the Observer as I particularly liked the “Cash” section of the paper.

I suppose I liked reading about making money by traditional means i.e. savings and shares.

However, one weekend the Cash supplement featured a spread betting millionaire who they described as a “hi-tech messiah who wants to spread his betting secret”.

There, on pages 2 and 3, was a large feature about spread betting the financial markets. It centred on the achievements of Vince Stanzione who had “… made £2m from internet gambling on market price movements”.

Now, I left university in June 2000 so I completely missed the tech boom. This is probably a good thing. Back in those days I was so skint that I had to pray that my Switch card would let me buy £5 worth of booze on a Friday night!

Around the time of the dot com bubble I had read about a group of amateur investors making outstanding returns through spread betting on share prices.

This feature was great, it really got me excited about trading. Of course, looking back now I realise that it was pretty much an advertisement for Vince Stanzione’s trading days but it worked on me!

On Googling Vince’s name I quickly found his website and read with delight the great secrets I could learn about from Vince i.e. “make £400 a day, tax-free”.

After a little consideration, I faxed off an order form for £297 and eagerly awaited my home study course. A few days later I had the course and read through it all, watched the video and got very excited about my new little cash-cow.

I was really pleased with the course, I though it was great.

So, I registered for an account with Finspreads and loaded up some money – I think it was £1,000 at first.

Then I got started with Finspreads’ 8 week training course. Trading with pennies I didn’t really make or lose any money but soon I decided that I wanted to trade Gold.

To cut a long story short I traded for around 6 months and lost around £2,000. I did everything wrong, everything that Vince said NOT to do, I did.

I overtraded, I day-traded, I always wanted to trade Gold. I made a complete mess of it.

The only time it was going well for me was when I went on holiday and had an open long position on the German DAX 30. Every day I was checking the paper in Gran Canaria and finding that the DAX had crept up slightly. It was great!

By around June 2004 I had had enough and closed all my positions and emptied my account. One particular time I got a margin call at work and was terrified because I couldn’t get access to a PC! That was the worst point and when I finally realised that I was under-capitalised which caused me to make silly mistakes.

Since then I have done absolutely nothing with Finspreads but my account remains open.

What I had decided is that I wouldn’t trade again until:

(a) I had cleared all of my debt and
(b) I had built up some money which I could afford to lose.

So, in the last 2 years or so I have been reading trading books, watching seminar videos and DVDs and learning as much as I can about financial trading.

I’ve seen loads of Vince’s seminars – the 2000 and 2002 events from Milton Keynes, the “Seven Keys Seminar” from 2004, the Ed Downs and Martin Pring one day session from 2004, the huge two-day “Masters” workshop. I’ll admit, I got hooked on the learning process.

So, I’ve decided to start trading again but this time in a very boring, business-like and professional way.

The idea is that I will update you on my progress via this blog, or maybe via a new one. That way you can add comments etc and see how much money I (hopefully) make.

I made a site about trading whilst I was learning the ropes. You can see it here:


Also, I found out that Vince Stanzione is holding a one-day event later this month so I decided to write a little about his Seven Keys seminar from 2004. Read it here:


And, of course, there is information about Vince’s “Making Money From Financial Spread Trading” course on the site:


Stay tuned for more information about Ben’s spread trading exploits!



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