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27th November 2006
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Several weeks ago I decided to start trading again and this time I promised that I wouldn’t waste money on silly trades…

Listed below is my progress so far, each term is the P/L of open positions as of the close of trading on that date:

24/11/06: +£112.95
17/11/06: +£99.01
10/11/06: +£54.34
03/11/06: -£21.46
27/10/06: -£38.59
20/10/06: -£24.52
13/10/06: +£12.82

As you can see, my trading started well, then went a little downhill but has now come back into profit as of the close last Friday the 24th November.

Today my position in Gold expires and so we will see whether I was right to ignore Sandy Jadeja’s advice about going short December Gold (see blog post from 8th November).

Mine was just a small punt on the price and at around 1800GMT today I should find out whether I was correct to stick with my long position. I expect the price to be volatile on the last day so I could end up losing money even though I am currently in a reasonably healthy position.

All my trading decisions at the moment are based on the ideas I got from Vince Stanzione’s home study course. As I have previously mentioned, I bought Vince’s package a couple of years ago and it was the first “business opportunity” I ever invested in.

Since I read that 2004 edition I have read the 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 editions.

If you don’t know who Vince Stanzione is, he is featured on the site:

Vince Stanzione and First Information

Last week I managed to get hold of Darren Winters’ home study course, “The Path to Financial Freedom” which consisted of a large printed manual and 3 videos featuring Darren speaking at a WinInvesting seminar. I will do a review of the material shortly. Stay tuned!

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