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28th November 2006
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If you have been following this blog you will know that earlier this month I received an email from Finspreads’ analyst Sandy Jadeja. As far as I could gather, he was suggesting that I should be short the December Gold contract because Gold was in a downtrend.

Unfortunately, at the time I was long December Gold and so I was a little apprehensive about whether I should keep the position open or not.

Well, the email was sent out on the 8th November and the position expired last night. I had bought December Gold at 627.5 and the contract expired at 640.6 – a profit of 131 points!

I’m very glad I stuck to my guns and this is the first position that has closed in profit since I started my little spread betting experiment. Hopefully there will be lots more to come!

Check out the results at the BizOppsUK blog

I recieved a great email yesterday from a subscriber to the Free Business Opportunities Email Newsletter which said:

Hi Ben,

I’ve been a bizop junkie for years and have boxes of the damn things. Freelance photography, streetwise this and that, turtle trading, wade world trade(twice)- I’ve definately got the T-shirt.

I love the thrill(?) of getting these things in the post(I know, get a life)!Some of them even turn out to be useful!!!

Anyway, I have recently discovered your site and I must say I am very impressed and find your blog a facinating read – not least because I know some of the products you are talking about. I’ve just signed up for your news letter and am looking forward to recieving that.

Keep up the good work! We are all behind you (bizop-ers of the world unite – but only if we can find a manual for £49.95 to tell us how).

[Name Removed}

Very true…

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