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23rd September 2009
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It’s always interesting to keep tabs on certain dubious marketers to see what they are currently promoting.

When somebody actively promotes an illegal cash gifting scheme, and continues to do so when they have been warned that it is illegal, it suggests that they have no problems promoting dodgy schemes.

Likewise a man who went to prison for several years for a home working fraud, then got out only to start promoting various internet businesses with fake proof of earnings isn’t to be trusted.

So when both of these people start promoting the same opportunity it means the opp should be examined very closely.

The opportunity I am referring to was previously known as “MyInternetBusiness.com” or MIB for short. Earlier this year the name was changed to YourNetBiz.com.

Name changing? More warning signs. Noss123, the illegal cash gifting scheme, was previously known under lots of different names with the organiser changing the name regularly to try and delay the inevitable problems it will face from the authorities. As far as I am aware it has now changed names again to tlc2003.

YourNetBiz is currently being heavily promoted by many people with hundreds of Youtube vids dedicated to it and a glut of review sites springing up and singing its virtues.

Myself, I’m not too sure about this one. I’m always of the opinion that if the main source of money is recruiting other people into the scheme then it’s bordering on being a pyramid scheme.

I have other problems with YourNetBiz, all of which you can read in this report:

An Outsider’s Review of YourNetBiz aka MyInternetBusiness

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  1. I agree with your comments that it’s hard to find a usefull unbiased review about YourNetBiz because of all the YNB members posting articles and YouTube videos, hoping that you will leave your details and join their mailing list.

    The main problem from what I can see with YourNetBiz is all the hype, the income claims, the promise of easy money and more free time to spend with your family “because it’s all automated”

    Ok! Let’s get real.This business is going to take a lot of hard work and time to make a success of it, so it’s not really that automated.

    Also it’s very important that you find the right mentor and team to join with otherwise you would have been better off drawing your cash out of the bank, putting it in a wheel barrow and rolling it off a cliff. Seriously! You would have more fun doing that.

    You see the problem is that you have a lot of YNB members who hype up the product, make wild income claims, lie about the support they will give you and once you have parted with your hard earned dough they will never be seen again.

    Now I’m not saying that all YNB members are like that, but I would avoid the flashy, look at me, look at my car, look at my bank statement types.

    In the UK the two main teams promoting YNB are:

    Turnkey Marketing Group and Jerimiah 2911 Group. One is headed up by a former estate agent the other by a commited christian. Now I am not going to say which team is the best, because there are good and bad members in both. However what I will say is do your due dilligence about your sponsor and your sponsors team and upline.

    Find out how accessable they are and the support that you will get from them.

    Overall verdict. If you find the right sponsor and you learn a skill. ie how to market any product or service online and make a lot of money, then it’s worth the money even at platinum level.

    However, if you find a sponsor who takes your money and you don’t even get an email from them after. Also if their upline is no good then you’ve been scammed!!

    Comment by Carl — 23rd September 2009 @ 11:01 pm

  2. I agree with your analysis of YNB especially with regards to finding the right mentor, when you join these types of businesses it seems that most of the so called mentors and Guru’s disappear in to the ‘witness protection program’ and are never heard of again!

    I would strongly recommend researching any potential upline by simply typing their name in to Google!

    One final point, I believe the YNB Formally MIB was also known as passport2wealth, 3 name changes in as many years – that would certainly make me think before joining.

    Comment by Mark — 28th September 2009 @ 2:19 pm

  3. Hi,

    I have been looking at both yournetbiz and passport to wealth. They are two different opportunities. I believe that yournetbiz was started by a former partner of passport to wealth. Passport to wealth is cheaper to join and easier to understand in so far as the compensation plan. Yournetbiz has a very confusing comp plan. Different levels you can sign up to, but unless you sign up to the Platinum level you dont make as much commission and you lose any higher sign ups to your up line. A lot to digest. I agree that you need to choose your mentor wisely. You can get a lot of free info about marketing by signing up to various free training emails. Good luck

    Comment by wendy — 29th September 2009 @ 8:03 pm

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