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29th November 2006
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Back in September I went to Robert Puddy’s 3 Day Focus 4 the Future seminar in Birmingham. I covered my thoughts on the speakers and the content previously on this blog, just check the “Seminar” category….

It was held over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday and so I decided to get there early (the night before) so I would be bright and refreshed for the first session on the Friday morning.

I got there around 8pm, dumped my bags in my room and went down to the bar to have a drink and something to eat.

There were only around 20 delegates there but I managed to chat to the vast majority of them. One person who really stuck out was a young Welsh fella called Alex.

Alex’s enthusiasm was quite stunning, he was chatting away about how he had quit a pretty poorly paid construction job to concentrate solely on his eBay trading.

In fact, as I chatted to him I learnt that he had made a six-figure sum on eBay the previous year (admittedly in dollars!) and he was still only 23!

Over the weekend we got chatting more and he told me about the new product he was developing – a membership site concentrating on the techniques he uses on eBay. Now, back in September he had already been working on this site for 5 months and was adamant that it would launch in November.

Just yesterday he finally launched the membership site and is limiting it to just 500 members so that every member has chance to use the huge array of features.

When you sign up to the site you have access to loads of top quality information – reports, screenshots, software, instructional videos, a private members forum with access to Alex, personal coaching and so much more.

How do I know? Because I got a sneak peek last week… Alex had promised to let a few select people in to have a nosey around before the doors were opened officially. That’s the beauty of attending seminars and networking, you get to know people and get early access to their new products!

Back to the seminar… All weekend Alex was chatting to people and asking advice as to how much he should charge for membership – the replies were varied but most people said that he should charge a monthly fee or, failing that, a recurring yearly fee. However, Alex wanted to charge a one-off enrollment fee and leave it at that!

When he mentioned he was thinking of selling his website membership package for a ridiculously low price, everyone tried to get him to increase it.

Now that he has opened the doors I see he hasn’t budged. He’s gone ahead with the ridiculously low lifetime membership price…

You can check out Alex’s offer at: http://www.AuctionResource.co.uk

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