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6th December 2006
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Here’s a brand new tool which helps you ruin a usually great experience for thousands of internet users.

If you’re too bone-idle to actually visit a forum and post messages and interact, there’s no need to worry anymore!

Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson have been hard at working creating a new forum-spamming software program called Forum Equalizer.

And it’s yours to use for just $77 at … (no way am I sending them any traffic)

Like email and blog comment spam before it, forum spamming is hated throughout the internet. There is zero justification for posting adverts or automated messages on a forum for one simple reason:

Forums are for interactionAnyone using Forum Equalizer to post messages is extremely unlikely to ever go back and post follow-ups to the replies. People will be duped into posting answers to questions that only exist so a signature can be shown.

The “benefits” of using this software according to Rod Beckwith are:

“Submit your comments and questions to an ever growing list of over 2010+ forums to flood your site with quality backlinks”

Or get your site blacklisted by Google and have you host and domain registrar have severe words with you…

Google aren’t stupid, they will have people working on countering this automated forum spam – and you can bet that offenders will see their websites drop out of the search engine results…

“Get your website (and expertise) in front of tens of thousands of eyeballs”

Or, get your name out on the web next to the words “renowned forum spammer”. There are no winners who use this software.

Forum moderators will have an increased workload, readers will have to wade through a load of junk posts to get valuable content and anyone who uses this Forum Equalizer software will end up losing business, if not more…

“Get detailed reports of how your submissions went”

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t… what I would like to know is: do you get detailed reports of how many forums banned you?

There’s plenty more from Rod Beckwith and Jeff Alderson on the sales page of Forum Equalizer but I’m not going to give you a link because I refuse to give them the one-way link which they want so much…

My recommendation – AVOID


  1. I’m a forum owner and I really feel the pain from this stupid software. Not do I get the same stupid posts over and over again. It doesn’t seem to bother them to spam my forum time after time.

    I have a hard time to keep my ban control up to date. First I ban the username and then I ban the ip address. Not only am I annoyed by this, my legit forum members are starting to complain about the garbage posted.

    There must be a way to block this.

    Comment by Peter — 25th December 2006 @ 8:13 am

  2. Hello Ben,

    These forums actually encourage posting ads and were hand selected.
    We also do not allow the user to add their own.

    Anyway…just thought you should know


    Comment by Rod Beckwith — 9th October 2007 @ 12:41 am

  3. Rod, these automated forum posting tools have contributed to the demise of several well-loved forums.

    Whether your “software” actually caused the death of a couple of my favourite hangouts or not, you are just another person creating automated tools which can be abused by morons and scum.

    Someone summed it up much better than I can on one particular forum (a Forum Equalizer-proof forum):

    The [name of forum] is one of the latest casualties and the growth of automatic posting programs like the one that Jeff made has contributed to this problem.

    To say he is personally responsible I guess is a step too far as I am sure he’s not the only one making this kind of software, and I suppose he was only one of many who decided to exploit the opportunity to do this.

    Put as always, the greed of the few has meant that the many has to make changes to keep ahead

    Can I suggest that rather than search the web for negative posts about your software and writing defensive comments, you remove this software from the market and concentrate your efforts on creating software that people will be happy to promote?

    I would like a spam-proof contact form that I can use on my website – no-one seems to be able to make one.

    Offer that for sale and I will gladly pay you $99+ for a license.

    Comment by Ben — 24th February 2008 @ 11:00 pm

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