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11th May 2010
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Anyone who keeps up with my seminar listing site – Internet Marketing Seminars in the UK – will have been aware that this past weekend Robert Puddy held a seminar in Bristol.

If you weren’t aware, and now wish you had’ve known, then make sure to bookmark the site so you don’t miss future events.

Robert managed to pull in a load of expert speakers from both the UK and also across the pond.

Aside from the speakers he also managed to attract a lot of VIP experts who were generous with their time (and in some cases their hotel bar bills) in the evenings and between presentations.

I’ll do a full review in due time as I managed to catch every speaker and hotseat session and make plenty of notes.

In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of who spoke and what they spoke about:

Donna Fox: Donna did two sessions as well as the introductions for each speaker. Her first session was a kind of motivation session, encouraging the attendees to think about what they wanted to achieve from the event. The second session was entitled “Internet Marketing for Muppets” and as you can no doubt imagine it covered some IM basics.

Robert Puddy: Bob spoke about his membership site process, something he calls “Login Frequency Marketing” which involves using integration points on membership sites – so-called “dead” real estate that many neglect to use.

Omar Martin: Omar, on his first trip to the UK, gave a presentation which showed exactly what he’d been through in his career that led him to internet marketing and the 6 figure business he now runs.

Martin Avis: Well known for his “Kickstart” newsletter, Martin gave the audience a great run-down of how he works just a couple of hours a week writing, yet draws in a very impressive income from a small subscriber list. Takeaway thought from his presentation was – you don’t need a massive list to make a great living online.

Simon Leung: Previously a Google employee, Simon is now a leading expert on Google and so his presentation gave us the 10 secrets that Google really doesn’t want us to know.

Jonny Andrews: A real character, Jonny shared how he went from living in an office in his former workplace (without his bosses finding out) to selling very high ticket (tens of thousands of dollars) products.

Ambar Hamid: Ambar works with big businesses and shared his process for going from no sales to big sales in the quickest possible time.

Sterling Valentine: Another speaker who was enjoying his first trip to the UK, Sterling went into detail about how he became an “overnight success” starting from absolutely nothing.

Jani G: Jani’s a UK marketer who specialises in promoting launches and getting into the top 10, and higher, in JV contests. His full name is Jani Gaffhor and he covered his methods for making big profits from a tiny list.

As I said, a full review will follow.

One thing I can say is that travelling First Class with Virgin Trains is excellent, especially when you’re the only customer in the carriage!

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