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14th December 2006
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Vince Stanzione, the man behind the home study course “Making Money From Financial Spread Trading“, is known for being very good at getting his name into the newspapers.

In October 2003 he managed to get a huge two page spread in the Guardian which concentrated on his success trading Gold and UK shares.

Unfortunately he has been featured in the press recently due to regulatory problems with one of his TV channels.

The Evening Standard said that Vince’s company, TV Commerce, was considering its future after being fined £25,000 by the Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services or “ICSTIS”.

The feature, published on the 24th November 2006 said:

As part of a wide-ranging clampdown on the television industry ripping off viewers who are charged premium rates to call or text programmes, telephone regulator ICSTIS formally reprimanded TV Commerce and fined it £25,000

This fine was apparently given after TV Commerce was found guilty of keeping its callers on the phone for longer than was necessary whilst being charged £1.50 per minute.

Vince Stanzione controls TV Commerce PLC and floated the company on the Alternative Investment Market on the 21st February 2005.

The initial share price was 6p and since then it has hovered between 4p and 6p.

When news of the fine was announced, the share price dropped to 0.75p and, as of yesterday, was at 1.25p.

The TV channel in question, “StarDate TV” has now been closed and the directors of TV Commerce are now deciding how to proceed, which may mean a delisting of its shares from AIM.

Interestingly, the Independent Online Edition described Vince Stanzione as a “former hairdresser“.

I didn’t know that!

Read more about Vince Stanzione and his spread betting courses at the websites below:

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