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12th October 2011
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Willie Crawford’s Internet Marketing Inner Circle site was a membership site which contained downloadable interviews with experts as well as other material that promised to help those who were trying to sell products online.

It also contained a small forum which was popular with a handful of members who would post semi-regularly.

A few weeks ago the whole site – theinternetmarketinginnercircle.com – just disappeared. It no longer resolves to a website and trying it from my home PCs I just get a Virgin Media error page saying that the website “may not exist”.

Internet Marketing Inner Circle site does not exist

As a lifetime member, I never received any warning that this site was going to be taken down.

Then again, this doesn’t surprise me whatsoever as Willie Crawford is not the most talkative of people.

He has constantly ignored my requests for a payment of the affiliate commissions I have earned. More here:

Willie Crawford and the Internet Marketing Inner Circle

The URL is due to expire on the 13th October 2011 (tomorrow) so I imagine we’ll know then if this is just a glitch or if Willie just decided to close up shop and not tell the members…

Paul Lynch – Honest Work From Home Success Forum

Just a few days ago Paul Lynch ran a reasonably successful and populated forum called “HonestWorkFromHomeSuccess.com“.

In the past the forum had various “experts” as guest members such as Tim Lowe, Holly Mann, Kevin Potts, Mark Lyford and Nick James.

Almost all these names deserted the forum months ago, Lyford it seemed within minutes of arriving as “co-owner”.

Earlier this week the forum disappeared with no word.

When you try to access the website now it shows a plain, out-of-the-box template site that’s trying to sell PLR products.

The URL it is showing (7PLR.com) is owned by someone in “AE” which I assume is Arab Emirates?

Judging by the amount of time Lynch actually spent on the forum, this could simply be a mistake that he hasn’t spotted yet and the forum may well be back online shortly.

Time will tell.

However, with Willie Crawford’s site, it looks like it’s curtains. That means no lifetime membership for those who paid and no affiliate commissions for those who promoted Willie’s site.

More fool me for doing both!

** UPDATE 25th October 2011 **

Paul Lynch’s forum is now back online. It turns out that a hacker got into his GoDaddy account and several of his domains were stolen. The forum is back up and running so he obviously got the domain back somehow.

Willie Crawford’s site remains down. It looks like it might be safe to assume that the Internet Marketing Inner Circle website isn’t coming back.

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