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18th December 2006
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Over the last couple of years, Sally Nicoll has documented her spread betting experiences via a blog on Finspreads’ main site.

Sally has always had an interest in gambling which, according to her, is a family trait. As a writer “between jobs” she used £5,000 to start her trading career, depositing it into her Finspreads account.

Every-so-often she would write up her latest spread betting triumphs or disasters on the site and built up quite a following amongst spread betters across the UK.

After a couple of years and 20 posts it seems that Sally was contacted by a publishing house to write a book. Just last month this book was released.

It was called:

Bets and the City – Sally Nicoll’s spread betting diary

I’ve just read it in less than a day and found it an excellent, funny and familiar story. Sally made all the mistakes a novice trader always makes and manages to turn her £5,000 into less than £2,000!

If you are even slightly interested in spread betting then I highly recommend Sally’s book:

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  1. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for reviewing my book, and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much. You’re absolutely right, that like most beginners, I started out by losing money… and I think one reason why Bets and the City is turning into a best-seller (it’s currently No 1 in Amazon’s Gambling/Betting Theories and Systems category) is BECAUSE of all the mistakes I made. In many ways, it’s a book that tells you what NOT to do, and I’ve tried my hardest to demystify spread betting. As you know, once I was approached by the publishers, Harriman House, I consulted a few trading ‘gurus’, and as a result, the £2k has been growing steadily – with a few spectacular successes along the way. And a lot of readers have been in touch, saying they’ve tried binary betting, after reading how much I like this particular trade…. one guy reports ten winning trades out of ten…. so naturally, I’m taking all the credit for telling him, in the book, how binaries turned my own computer into a cash register!

    Anyway, always supposing that between us, we haven’t put people off spread betting forever, you might want to know that Bets and the City also features a decent reader offer: Finspreads – the company I use for my trading – are giving a £50 top up to new customers, to celebrate publication. The full details are available at http://www.sallynicoll.com

    Again, thanks for the review, and the best of luck with your own trading. Sally xxx

    Comment by Sally Nicoll — 8th January 2007 @ 3:01 pm

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