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21st December 2006
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I mentioned recently that I had managed to pick up some second-hand material that had been originally issued by Darren Winters’ WIN Investing company.

The package was called “The Path to Financial Freedom” and contained 3 VHS videos and a printed A4 manual of almost 200 pages.

I’ve no idea how the person who sold me these products came across them – they could’ve bought them from WIN Investing or received them after attending a seminar.

I’m going to assume that these materials were given to seminar attendees because the manual is full of hand-written notes.

The 1st video is called “The 5 Steps to Outstanding Investment Success” and runs for about 37 minutes.

It seems to contain footage from one of Darren Winters’ sales pitches – the “free 2.5 hour tutorial” sessions that he runs frequently across the UK.

Darren Winters says:

“I decided I was going to become outstanding in the field of investing… I went to all of the main UK investment seminars… I then went to all the main US investment seminars… In time and money I spent about £100,000… I then tracked down the greatest living investors in the world and I persuaded them to teach me what they knew… Some of my best friends are some of the best traders in the world… “

This video has a copyright date of 2002 on it which would suggest that the footage is from around 2001/2002. Back then, Darren did actually give the tutorials himself but nowadays he employs other people to sell the courses for him.

My own experience of the WIN Investing “free tutorial” is available to read on the main site:

Darren Winters, WIN Investing and the Winters Investment Network

Back to the video, Darren goes through looking at sectors to trade. He calls this section “Understanding the Big Picture”. There are shots of the audience as well as Mr Winters, with around 100 or so attendees in the picture.

After around 15 minutes the video shifts to some footage from a smaller WIN Investing gathering. This appears to be a in a hotel and is probably a 2 day training seminar. There are about 20 attendees and Darren Winters is doing all the teaching.

Darren shows his seminar attendees various graphs which represent his theories on the Economic Cycle. “This doesn’t exist anywhere… I produced it for me…” he tells the ticket holders. Basically, he is showing them his theories concerning the relationship between interest rates, inflation and industrial production.

He then explains how to use free resources on the web for charting individual equities and sectors.

It’s useful information but it isn’t anything ground-breaking.

He then goes on to briefly cover expansion and contraction in financial markets because these can apparently tell you which stocks are going to go up or down. I didn’t understand why all this was important as he didn’t really explain anything.

The video continues for another 20 minutes or so but there isn’t any real sequence to follow. Darren skips from one website to the next showing you where to find EPS values and such but doesn’t explain why you would want to know these values. Perhaps he explains more when you are there, in the room, but the editing is terrible and it’s hard to figure out what conclusion he wants you to take away from the footage.

So, what are the 5 steps to outstanding investment success?

Sorry but after watching this video, I am none the wiser!

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