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5th January 2007
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Until very recently I had a comment submission form on the main website (www.BizOppsUK.com). This meant that anyone who wanted to contact me, whether a subscriber or a new visitor, could send me an email without knowing my email address.

It’s never a good idea to put your email address on a website because there are automated bots which trawl the web “harvesting” email addresses – it’s basically where they get the addresses that they spam constantly.

My comment form was a bargain buy, a young Eastern European programmer created it for me for just $4 after I posted a request on www.Rentacoder.com.

However, things turned sour recently when a comment form spammer found my site and started to send messages through the form. The worrying part of it was that he was also trying to use my site as a “relay” – a server of sorts which would help him spam hundreds of email addresses.

Luckily I caught it quickly and disabled the form. This created a problem – people couldn’t email me quickly and easily from the site.

This week I found a great little script which has allowed me to put a new “helpdesk” on the site.

If you want to contact me for any reason – to ask a question, submit a business opportunity review or make a comment on anything about biz opps – you can simply open a “support ticket” and I will be notified via email immediately.

To check it out, go to the following web-page:

BizOppsUK Support Desk

And click on “Submit a support ticket“.

I will aim to answer all queries and questions within 48 hours.

(Let’s see the spammers try and use that to send emails!)

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