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21st January 2007
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James Jary’s “DataKing1.com” opportunity was widely advertised throughout 2006 in all the big biz opps newspapers.

An advert also appears in one newspaper today starting – “Copy This Plan £10,000+ Per Month”

It looks like some kind of horse racing betting system or rather a horse racing laying system.

James has blatantly copied the adverts of a very well-known biz opp publisher in order to try and make sales of his CD.

As you know, I’m no expert when it comes to horse racing so I’m not in a position to help here but one keen reviewer sent the following review:


You asked for comments on James Jary’s offering called dataking1. I sent off for the material just prior to Christmas 2006. When the CD arrived it was blank so I sent an email to James and in fairness to him he did call to offer apologies and said he would send another copy.

When the CD arrived I found that there were 3 pdf files on it. I was somewhat surprised to see this as I felt it would have been a lot easier to make them downloadable thereby making them much quicker to get. When I queried James on this he said that if they were available as downloads it would not be easy to honour the money back guarantee, a view I later thought somewhat strange as there are software applications that would lock someone out after a certain period of time if necessary.

Anyway, forgetting that I proceeded to review the CD contents and was immediately disappointed with what I found. Each pdf was badly organised, poorly drafted and frankly difficult to understand. Before I sent the CD back for a refund I emailed James with some comments hoping that he would pick up on my dissatisfaction and take on board some of my suggestions.

His reply was vague and written in a rather ‘take it or leave it’ manner. So, the CD is currently in an envelope waiting to be posted back for a refund. The silly thing of course is that if he’d taken some time to create files that actually showed by way of screen shots and examples just how things work I wouldn’t have an issue. His loss I guess but I wouldn’t recommend anyone forking out for this unless they are very au fait with Betting exchanges and types of wagers that can be placed (if that’s the case they probably wouldn’t gain anything from the info anyway).


John Murphy”

John runs a great blog called Online Investing to Earn Money. It’s a great read and updated regularly so it’s highly recommended you take a look!


  1. James Jary, Dataking

    I wouldn’t call my response a ‘review’ because there is very little to review.

    The sales letter is impressive, the product is rubbish. A very nicely presented DVD is supplied with a scrap of crumpled paper which was my certificate entitling me to a telephone conversation with James Jary.

    On playing the DVD about 26 pages of information is supplied. Yes, there is some talk of how you should interpret the information to make money betting/laying on horses but a lot of it was screen shots of Betfair, racing cards and explanations of racing terms that are not referred to in the ‘making money’ part. The code given to obtain a free £20 from Betfair was not recognised when I entered it on their site.

    I followed the advice given and lost eleven bets out of eleven bets. I returned the product for a refund within the 30 days but didn’t receive one. I then e-mailed him advising that I had Royal Mail proof of his receipt of the returned product and advised what legal and publicity action I was prepared to take if I didn’t get a refund within 10 days. I got my refund.

    I have been buying bizopp and money making products for more years that I care to remember and rarely returned any because I felt they all had some perceived value even if they were a disappointment. However, this is the first time I have been appalled by the product and had to fight for a refund.

    I might add I let two months go by before I threatened him about the refund so I wasn’t being unnecessarilly difficult. If he had refunded my money without difficulty I probably wouldn’t be so angry about the product. A lesson for all internet suppliers me thinks.



    Comment by Victor — 21st January 2007 @ 6:16 pm

  2. I write with regard to the James Jary dataking1 “horseracing opportunity”.

    As a professional affiliate marketer (based in Sheffield) I tried endlessly to talk my partner out of buying James Jary’s product. My partner wanted to do her own thing and had found the product whilst surfing looking for “home income opportunities”. I looked at the web page, the product info and the price. “Do NOT buy this product” I told her. She did!

    The product arrived – My Partner was ecstatic with her purchase! Let me be honest here, it was worth the £100 just to see the positive effect it had on my partner and how it uplifted her spirits towards “earning money from home” systems.

    I have since shown the product to a couple of friends who regularly bet on horses (one for a living). They were impressed with the “content” and pointed out that to a “beginner”, who would be prepared to actively study and understand the tips, the information was worth the money.

    I was happy with that.

    I looked at the content of the 3 pdf files. In design and layout it is poor yes. But who cares if the “information” or “content” is good?

    I am happy that James Jary is “for real” (I have since spoken with him to clarify one or 2 points about his system). He struck me as a very honest bloke who wants to make an honest living sharing his success. He’s NOT a web designer (as evidenced by his webpage) he is NOT a professional publisher – hence what some would perceive as a poorly presented pdf product. His strengths are in MAKING MONEY on horses (I do not doubt this) and I think his sincerity is backed up by the fact his product has been “hand crafted” by himself in a field with which he has less skills – design and presentation. He has not employed some design company to “oversell” or “over glamorize” his product and frankly, as an expert in this field, I admire him 100% for that.

    One thing I asked my partner to be sure about was the REFUND – she e mailed James and asked him about this prior to the purchase and he replied immediately with a promise to refund immediately if she was not happy. It does not get much better than that.

    Maybe the product is rubbish in the eyes of seasoned horse-backers, maybe it is average in the eyes of upcoming students of the field, but to a novice wishing to learn how to start I am more than happy that my partner bought this product despite my initial misgivings.

    The reason I am posting this comment? Because I feel strongly when someone gets a “slating” online when they also deserve some praise.

    Good luck James.

    Craig & Andrea (Sheffield).

    Comment by Craig Davidson — 6th February 2007 @ 2:08 pm

  3. I am a seasoned professional gambler and can tell you that the system that James Jary sells is absolute garbage.

    One of the files is a guide to using betting exchanges which you can obtain free from Betfair or Betdaq. The other file is a guide to reading form which can be obtained free from the Racing Post. He gives some basic advice as to what types of horse to lay…again elementary stuff that can be found free on the Internet.

    His system is essentially lay the Racing Post paper favourite in the first race of the day. There is no rhyme nor reason to this system. Why the first race of the day not the second or third race? A completely illogical simplistic system which given the commission that you will have to pay on betfair and the extremely tight ‘book’ there will lose you money over time.

    Save your money!

    Comment by Jim — 8th February 2007 @ 4:01 pm

  4. I Strongly advise anyone to avoid even trialling James Jary’s Dataking1 lay tipping service. I took up James free 7 day trial, and gave up on the trial after not even being able to understand what he was saying. I had no intention of using this service however £50 was taken from my account. I phoned him and tried to get my money refunded, however he refused point blankly to refund.

    You have been warned.


    Comment by Simon N — 10th April 2008 @ 6:10 pm

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