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31st October 2014
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Lucky me I’m being spammed by Gary Ambrose.

At some point in the long distant past I stupidly let Gary know one of my email addresses and now I am simply unable to prevent him emailing me through his “Email Aces” service.

He puts a link at the bottom of each email underneath some text that says “you can use the following link to unsubscribe, or update your contact details”.

I click on the link and another page opens which says:

“If you would like to remove this email address from this autoresponder please click the appropriate link below. Your email address will not be removed until you click the link below.”

I then click that link:

“The email address, ben***@*****.com, has been removed from this list.

You may receive one or two additional emails from this account over the next 24-48 if there are messages currently in the queue.

Please take note that you have removed yourself from one Email Aces account, not from the entire system. If you are subscribed to other Email Aces accounts, you may continue to receive email from those accounts. “

Now please tell me if I’m being stupid but surely I’ve just followed the instructions and had myself removed from Gary’s email list?

So by this time next week I should be fully cleared from his system and I should never receive any Gary Ambrose emails again. How I’ll live without receiving the emails about such wonderful junk like “Income Black Box” I don’t know but I’m willing to take the chance.

For the record, these were the variables in the unsubscribe link in the email I got today:


I will update when I recieve more email from Gary. I’m confident that I will receive more email from him simply because I’ve got screenshots of when I clicked on the unsubscribe links in June 2013 and January 2014. Nothing changed then and I doubt it will now.

If emails continue to come I’ll start posting the email replies I’ve sent to Gary previously, which I doubt he ever read. On the Warrior Forum he even admits that he doesn’t bother answering 99% of the support tickets placed on his Listwire site.

“I’ll make no bones about it, our support desk is answered rarely because 99.9% of the questions that come in are already answered on our support forum, and in the support manual.”

Does not surprise me whatsoever. Let’s not forget that Gary teamed up with Keith Wellman for years. He obviously learned a great deal about customer service from Keith.

Keith, of course, is now long gone from internet marketing after his business seemingly collapsed. I discovered he sold his house at a considerable loss, this being the house he used to brag about in sales letters and videos.

Time has not been kind to many of these people who used to call themselves “internet marketing experts”. Some have gone back to working 9 to 5 – Keith Wellman is now a shop assistant for Apple.

Others, like Gary, cling to the internet marketing affiliate link email dream. One can only speculate about how well he’s doing but he certainly seems confident that his unsubscribe links work when he is trying to defend himself on the Warrior Forum.

I must strongly disagree and I’m not alone (link opens in new window):

Gary Ambrose: Spammer

There are others on the Warrior Forum who complain about the spam but you’ll have to find that link yourself because I refuse to link to that particular forum.

More to come…

*Update 24/11/2014*

Spam received today from Gary. Subject: “Fastest – Results – Ever”. The unsubscribe link states that I signed up for Gary’s junk on March 6th 2013. I can guarantee that I didn’t sign up for any email lists on that day because it has been years since I subscribed to any list aside from “Sportsure” and we all know how that turned out…

Gary’s plight almost makes me want to send him a few dollars via PayPal. He’s obvious desperate to make money.

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