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26th January 2007
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As I have mentioned before in the free business opportunities email newsletter, I do not have much experience when it comes to horse racing and racing tipsters.

However, I do know that a lot of people who are interested in biz opps also have an interest in racing tipsters and services.

Some people have contacted me before about their experiences with horse racing betting and I will dig out the comments for next time.

I mention all this simply because, quite out of the blue, I got a letter from Bob Rothman of “Vine House Stables” in Cobham, Surrey.

Bob has apparently won over £3million over the years by betting on horses.

His alleged knack at picking winners even got him banned from City Index – according to the strangely written letter included in the sales pack I recieved.

Personally, I thought City Index were a spread betting firm but I could be wrong.

Bob wants to give me a free tip on Saturday the 27th January 2007 if I ring his freephone number and use a special pin-code.

I wouldn’t bet on this “tip” but it would be interesting to see if different people get different tips.

So, here is the freephone number:

0800 088 7238

and here is the PIN to use:


Let’s see what tip Bob Rothman gives us (and, more importantly, whether it wins!)…

Please note: If you want to try this I would urge you not to bet on the suggestion given over the phone but I would be interested in hearing if you got a different tip to me. Please leave any comments on this post.

ALSO, this number is valid only between 12pm and 1:15pm tomorrow (Saturday 27/01/07)


  1. Well, I rang up…

    The tip is Witchita Lineman in the 1pm at Cheltenham.

    Just looked on Betfair and it is the favourite at evens… what an inspired tip 🙂

    Comment by Ben — 27th January 2007 @ 1:31 pm

  2. My tip was Royals Darling at 5/1. A good each way bet I was told as the first four places were paying out. Shame he didn’t make it.

    Comment by Brian — 8th February 2007 @ 11:10 am

  3. What a shame that Ben didnt have the courtesy to tell you he took one more tip afer the free one … Quick another winner and we took 3/1 with Hills before it was punted off the boards to win at 13/8.

    Comment by Bob — 4th July 2007 @ 12:21 pm

  4. Hi Bob/Mr Rothman,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog but I must admit that I almost didn’t publish it because of the tone used.

    (Note: ALL comments are moderated before being published)

    However, I decided to publish it so that I could write a response to put everyone reading this in the picture.

    I rang your phone line using the PIN given only once so any other call you recorded being made using my particular PIN must have been made by a subscriber to my email newsletter and/or this blog.

    Although the initial win was impressive (and thank you for that) I am not a gambling man and prefer to invest my money into my business, not the bookmakers’.

    However, I am prepared to act as an impartial “tester” of your tips if you would like someone independent to verify them.

    I promise to keep the tips to myself and also to record the exact results over a given period – say 6 months?

    I would not be putting any money on these tips but I can be trusted to keep very meticulous records.

    Also, it’s funny you wrote this on my blog today because I did try to ring your office this morning! No one answered though.

    It was only a small matter but… at present I am recycling the letters I receive from you so please can you remove me from your mailing list?

    Best wishes,


    Comment by Ben — 4th July 2007 @ 6:21 pm

  5. Just to let everybody know, since I wrote the above comment, I have not received any more sales letters from Bob Rothman.

    I assume, because I did not contact him directly, that he did come back to read that I didn’t want any further letters. This is the only way he could’ve known that I wanted to be removed from the list.

    All I can say is:

    What a shame that Bob didnt have the courtesy” to come back and reply to my suggestion in the comment above.

    I have a large pile of sales letters from Rothman Racing now and I am going to go through them and see if I can figure out just how profitable his tipster service is.

    Let’s just say that he boasts when he wins but stays very, very quiet when he doesn’t. It may be possible to say just how he fared by analysing his promotional letters.

    Stay tuned…

    Comment by Ben — 13th July 2007 @ 10:47 pm

  6. Hello Ben

    You’ll probably gather by the date of this post I dont subscribe to forums etc and don’t have the time to monitor them as racing and betting is full time for me and I’d rather spend my time studying and betting.

    Sorry I’m not prepared to give you free tips in the morning, that would be totally unfair to clients because I have no idea what it might do to the odds … however if you’d like to link up on say instant mnessenger and then I could give you them … but only in the last few seconds … after we’ve backed them. I’m setting up a new Service for serious bettors doing this so please understand you would have to be last in the Q as they’re investing real money. Better still if you’d like real time info and be prepared to share in the problems we have getting on as well and and you fancy putting say 10k each into a joint account then I’ll back the horses with you on the condition I can place any bet any time before the off as long as both you and I have funds in the account to match the potential win/loss? You will have serious, irrefutable, real time proof of whether they’re profitable or not? So long as we’re on you can use the information any way you like. But I must warn you that a lot of these bets will be very very late and red hot as hell so you may not always even get on or get the volume you need to. That’s the real problem in racing as I’m sure you must already know. I quite understand if you don’t want to post this message up but you have my address and email so you can reply privately, All the best, Bob
    PS I took your address off because you published a private tel number and code on the web, no offence, just my policy, it had nothing to do with anything else.

    Comment by Bob Rothman — 3rd December 2007 @ 11:24 am

  7. The £10k test sounds very tempting… 🙂

    Bob, thanks for your offer, it’s very generous but I cannot risk that kind of money without some serious thought.

    I will get back to you about the IM suggestion – at present I am testing a lay betting system for somebody else (which isn’t doing particularly well unfortunately).

    Thanks for the reply,


    Comment by Ben — 4th December 2007 @ 10:13 am

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