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1st March 2007
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As you may know, I have signed up for the email newsletter which is allegedly written by “Danny” from Dannys-Scam-Review.com

His junk review website isn’t the most honest in the world.

In fact it’s probably high on the list of the most insincere and I have been constantly amazed by the level of dishonest material he sends to his subscribers.

For example, back in December I received an email which contained the following:

“Since I sent out the e-mail telling you about the program over 3,000 of you joined the program. That was a lot, I was impressed! I contact the Survey Company to see how many of you were actually making. In the last 7 days since I sent out the e-mail, Paid Survey Program have paid out OVER $242,000 to us, which is crazy!”

So, are we are meant to believe that 3,000 people paid $39.95 for a junk survey scheme and then, within 24 hours, filled in enough surveys to earn an average of $80 each?

It didn’t happen and it’s ridiculous how “Danny” tries to get people to buy into these junk schemes by lying.

Since that dubious email, he has promoted a wide variety of crappy products including several which have been kicked off Clickbank due to high refund rates.

These include “Type at Home” schemes, the missold so-called Data Entry programs which trick customers into buying something completely unsuitable for them.

(See Data Entry Schemes – Viable Opportunity or a Scam? for more)

Then came a promotion for Craig Richards’ new product.

The email came on the 23rd February with the title “Important E-mail – Read Now Ben December 20, 2006

Interestingly it said:

“I have personally visited Craig (aka MrX) at his home and spoken to him in detail about his success and he is a very genuine, smart and thoughtful person. I highly recommend you visit his website now”

Now “Danny” claims to be in Phoenix, Arizona but Craig Richards is in the UK.

Are we to believe that he actually got on a plane to pop over to Craig’s for a cup of tea and a chat about the PDX-Factor product?

Very unlikely… unless, of course, “Danny” is actually based in the UK and is simply pretending to be in America so he can hide his identity.

So, today I got another junk email from “Danny” saying:

“I sent you a e-mail 2 days ago about this new “duvet” program. Quite simply the reason I am e-mailing you yet again is because over a thousand of you have e-mail me back saying ‘thank you'”.

What “Danny” is trying to say through the poorly written English is that 1,000 people emailed him back to say thanks.

I’d like to know how.

I tried to email “Danny” several times to his email address (danny@dannys-scam-review.com) but it is returned everytime as undeliverable.

So, how exactly did the 1,000 people email him?

Simple answer is, they didn’t. More lies…

Quite ironic really that Danny’s Scam Review is actually one of the widest spread scams on the internet.

My advice:

Don’t believe a word of what “Danny” says, it’s all an elaborate scam.

More about “Danny” at: Danny’s Scam Review – dannys-scam-review.com

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