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4th March 2007
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I received an email this week from Peter who asked:

“There is a company who have been advertising weekly for some time in the Exchange and Mart, offering to install on your PC software called a Pokerbot.

They claim, that once installed, it will enable the user to win at online Casinos with the “Robot” playing automatically.

This is not cheap, with cost of £2250.00 for the software and the installation, they are also looking for 10% per month of your winnings.

They also include an agency for this sum with a commission payment of £500.00 for every new client signed up.

The company goes by the name of JPG Software or The Software Development Agency

37b New Cavendish Street

Have you ever heard of them?”

My reply was:

“I haven’t heard of this company before I’m afraid and I would be rather sceptical of their claims.Let me ask about this in the next newsletter and I will see if anyone else has any info.”


Looking a little further into this particular opportunity, I found that the advert says:

“The Daily Mail tested this software…”

It doesn’t say that the Mail found the software to work but simply that it “tested” it.

The report on the Daily Mail’s site basically says that someone called Dave set up two computers in their office so that they could run this bot.

It doesn’t say whether this Pokerbot is the same one as advertised in the Exchange and Mart however.

What they found was that the bot made £40 over the course of one day. Not a bad return but completely unethical!

Why the two PCs?

Well, the casino’s poker software reads your hard drive to make sure that you are not using software like this.

Because of this you have to run the pokerbot on a laptop and then network this laptop to the PC which is running the casino software.

That’s why you need the engineer to come round to install the software, I assume.

The whole story can be found here:

You’ll never beat poker robots

I’d be very interested to hear any feedback about this particular opportunity.

Have you ever used any Pokerbot software like this?

Did it work?

Did you get caught?

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  1. This sounds like a very dodgy deal. I personaly play a lot of online poker and I know for a fact that poker sites are becoming more and more aware of how to spot poker bots. Making £40 in a day sounds great, but I think your account would get closed down and you would possibly face legal action before you see anywhere near a return on investment.

    The way poker bots work is based on probability. The bot can play for you and will be betting when there is the best probablility of winning, but this is exactly what professional poker players do. The edge is lost when the poker bot fails to take into account the styles of game that the opposition is playing. In poker you can spot who is liberal with their money and who is tight as a duck’s proverbial – then you can use that information to your advantage. I seriously doubt any poker bot software is capable yet of artificial intelligence in this way.

    The only way the bot is going to win money is at the lower stakes games where beginners of the game do not know the correct strategy to play. But by playing lower limits, this will take longer to make your money back. And as mentioned before you will most likely be busted by then.

    Poker is a game of skill, not luck. By using poker bot software, you are turning it into a game of chance and a risky one at that.

    Comment by Paul — 12th March 2007 @ 12:18 pm

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