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11th March 2007
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I hope the past week has treated you well despite the falling markets.

If like me you spread bet on UK and US shares and indices, it’s been pretty dicey with the markets going down for 5 days in a row.

At the moment I have 11 spread betting positions open – and 10 of them are long bets i.e. I am betting that the share price will increase.

All was going well until last Tuesday some data came out in China or something like that and the market took a bit of a dive (to be honest I don’t quite know what the problem was).

When this happens, it happens quickly because everyone panics.

Luckily I only had one position stop out due to a massive downwards spike in the price.

I made a post on the blog about the markets falling, you can read it here:

Spread Betting Woe as the Markets Fall

This brings me around to talking about Vince Stanzione (again) because this week I got an email from a subscriber who has also bought Vince’s “Making Money From Financial Trading” course in the past.

It read:

“Hi Ben,

many thanks for your thoughts on Vince Stanzione. I’ve fallen for his sales pitch a few times and even bought his Spread Betting course – would you believe, twice!!! The 2006 version is a lot more informative, and more clearly explained than the 2004 version, but I haven’t made any money from this yet. Personally, I think you’d need a “bank” of about £500 which you can afford to risk before making any headway – and, when I have, I’ll try it.

As you probably know, Vince is into other things apart from Spread Betting. Somewhere in my collection I have a DVD of him talking about Direct Mail Marketing, at which he is an expert. He comes across as pretty genuine and down to Earth, and offers to help anyone who contacts him with any queries on any aspect of marketing – copywriting, mailing lists and anything else


Mike is correct, Vince has his fingers in a lot of pies including TV, direct mail, consultancy, financial trading, options trading and various other businesses.

I think the DVD that Mike is referring to is one from Pat Adams’ UK Masters Seminars held in 2003/04. I’ve got a number of these DVDs and they are great.

Stanzione also runs a couple of tipster services which I receive invites to join each year but I’ve never took him up on the opportunity. Perhaps one day I should look into it more.

Anyway, it was quite strange that I should get an email about Vince because just last week I was sorting through a load of old videos I have from 99-00. One set is called the “Profitmaker 5” seminar and, as far as I know, it was the first one that Andrew Reynolds held.

Vince appeared on one of the tapes explaining to the audience how to make money from direct mail and the internet. Pretty fascinating stuff.

8 years on from this seminar, Vince is still hard at it and making a fortune. Certainly someone who you should perhaps read more about, even if you aren’t interested in financial trading.

There’s plenty more on the site about Vince:

Vince Stanzione’s Seven Secret Keys Seminar


Vince Stanzione and First Information

I recently managed to get hold of the DVDs of Vince’s October 2006 £3k a seat seminar. I will write a review about it soon so if you don’t see anything in the next couple of weeks, give me a nudge!

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