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21st March 2007
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The idiots have been out in force today unfortunately.

You see, there seems to be a selection of complete morons who continue to run automated blog comment spam software.

Today they have been posting loads of comments to this blog yet not actually realising that their comments never appear on the blog.

If you also run a WordPress blog you will probably have come across this problem; useless comments which simply point to junk sites about certain pharmaceuticals and “adult” websites.

Well, here’s a little message to anyone who uses comment spam software:

Your comments will never, ever be posted on the Biz Opps Blog. It just simply won’t happen.

I moderate every single comment which is submitted. If a comment has something stupid or irrelevant written in it, the url is added to the “blacklist”. This means that any comments containing that website address are automatically deleted without even going into the moderation queue.

Words such as viagra, cialis and other more “adult” phrases are flagged and the comments deleted straight away.

Even if your comments did somehow get onto this blog, they will not increase your page rank when it comes to Google or any other search engine. All URLs which are not include in actual blog posts have a “no follow” tag attached to them.

Good, informative comments will always be approved so please do feel free to contribute but comment spammers will be investigated and blacklisted.

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