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3rd April 2007
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Well, I’ve just unsubscribed from 5 internet marketing related email newsletters for one reason – they all sent me emails about Michael Cheney’s new traffic related course – and all 5 emails came within about 30 minutes this afternoon.

I was under the impression that John Reese was the undisputed king of website traffic generation but I guess that Cheney is now “the man”. And all this time I thought Michael Cheney was the AdSense king… or was that the list-building king?

OK, OK, so I’m being pedantic but it gets a little annoying when everyone with an email list that is even remotely related to internet marketing starts sending out bulk emails to promote the latest Clickbank product.

So, bye-bye to several of you but thanks for the content (if there ever was any!)

One newsletter that I haven’t unsubscribed from is Danny’s Scam Review by Mark Warren, or as he prefers to be known, “Danny”.

Mark jumps on this kind of stuff immediately, he’s like an announcement service for new over-hyped Clickbank products 🙂

It’s always interesting to see what kind of made-up BS he can think to put in his email pitches, how can one person dream up such shameless lies? He must have a team…

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