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11th April 2007
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Fancy being able to trade the Gold market with 71% or 100% accuracy?

A great deal of MarketClub members have been asking to have the Gold market analysed.

Even though you may not be a current member of MarketClub, I have been allowed to share these insights into the Gold market with you.

In this new 10 minute online video, two trading programs are shared that use a “Giant FootPrint” approach that have done rather well in the first quarter of this year.

In this brand new video, you’ll graphically see the step-by step buy and sell signals which have been shown in the Gold market since the beginning of 2007.

I reckon that even the most professional of commodity traders will be impressed with this approach and these results.

In this video two approaches to trading the Gold June contract are shared and you will see a clear demonstration of what works:

(1) The first approach details the short term commodity traders. This conservative approach was correct 71.4% of the time.

Not bad.

(2) Approach number two is for longer-term commodity traders and was correct 100% of the time. That’s right! No losers in over three months.

Can it get any better?

Oh yes, it certainly can!

First off, guess which approach made the most money, then watch the video and see if you are right:

Free Gold Commodity Trading Analysis Video

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