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31st October 2006
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After Mike Filsaime’s presentation in the afternoon there was a break until a special event later on in the evening.

This was quite fortunate as England were playing in a Euro 2008 qualifier so I got chance to grab a beer and watch it in the bar. Turns out it was a very one-sided match but it was nice to sit down without a pen and notepad (I had taken over 25 pages of notes by this point – and I’m still referring back to them 2 months later).

Come around 8pm all of the attendees and the speakers met back in the bar for the evening’s event. This was a very clever idea – internet marketing “speed dating”.

Basically, we were split into small groups of around 8, each group with their own table.

Then, each speaker would spend 15 minutes at a table, during which time the attendees could grill him about anything they liked. One by one we got to spend plenty of time chatting to Robert Puddy, John Taylor, Joe Robson, Martin Avis and Mike Filsaime.

Chatting to Joe Robson was particularly interesting as he is a copy writing expert and was giving us a lot of pointers about how to go about structuring sales copy. Brilliant stuff.

Sadly, Joel Comm had left by then as he had took time out of a holiday to present at the seminar – his family was in the room during his presentation.

This “speed dating” session lasted for a good 2 hours and then the vast majority of people stayed in the bar for the rest of the night. I finally retired at gone 2am although there were plenty of people still up – including Mike Filsaime!

30th October 2006
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Got my second issue of the Internet Marketing Review today. Great read once again. I think this will be a very worthwhile investment. One page of the newsletter was a quick report on the Yanik Silver Underground seminar from September 2006.

The line-up was very impressive, as well as the two Neils the speakers included Yanik, Jeff Walker, Phil Gosling, Ed Dale, Ted Nicholas, Gary Vurnum and more.

It sounds like a great event and I think I will try and get there myself next year.

One thing’s for sure, I will definitely be going to Robert Puddy’s Focus 4 the Future event again. I still have to cover Saturday night and Sunday’s sessions from the last one which I will do over the next couple of days.


As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I have purchased Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript which I have been reading steadily.

I must admit that when the whole BM launch was going on in January of this year I didn’t really pay much attention as I didn’t know much about Mike. When I heard him speak in September though, I took notice.

This is an eBook that is perhaps not for the internet marketing newbie but for someone fairly experienced who wants to sell a lot of their product. It has certainly given me a lot to think about.

In fact, I am seriously toying with the idea of buying the whole Butterfly Marketing package… I will keep you updated.

29th October 2006
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Just a couple of weeks ago I decided to subscribe to the Internet Marketing Review newsletter at a rather reasonable £14.95 a month (paid 12 months in advance).


This is yet another printed newsletter, delivered via Royal Mail. As you may know, I subscribe to several Biz Opp related newsletters such as Fleet Street’s “The Money Club”, Nick Laight’s “What Really Makes Money”, Iain Maitland’s “Passive Income Newsletter” and Oliver Goehler’s “eBay Kommando Newsletter”.

It was quick delivery, I received several items through the post the day after I paid. Specifically:

– A four-hole A4 ring binder containing one back issue of the newsletter (24 pages)
– 16 page manual – “Using Public Domain Material for Profit”
– Welcome letter containing the download link for several eBooks
– A DVD entitled “Neil Stafford presents The 7 Highly Effective Ways to Dominate a Niche Online” from a very recent Frank Garon seminar
– 3 audio CDs – Google AdWords Secrets Revealed with Neil Stafford and Peter Woodhead
– Reservation forms for 2 x 30mins telephone consultations with the 2 Neils

There are several other perks to membership such as teleconferences etc.

I will report back on the newsletters in the future but this does look like a good deal so far.

28th October 2006
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Saturday morning (2nd Sep 2006) saw Joel Comm talk about “Cracking the AdSense Code“.

Joel has recently written a book called “The AdSense Code” which became a New York Times Best Seller.

As you can probably gather, Joel Comm is an AdSense espert and his session was based upon his experience of building a large, regular passive income from Google AdSense.

Joel’s background on the internet goes all the way back to 1995 when he created WorldVillage.com.

In 1996 he started ClassicGames.com which is now part of Yahoo Games (Joel is the model for an avatar on the site).

He started with AdSense in June 2003 when it was first launched. Back in the early days he was making anything up to $7 a day.

By early 2004 he still wasn’t making a great deal and promised himself that he would give it a couple more months and if there wasn’t a marked improvement in his earnings, he was going to quit.

By April 2004 he was earning $80+ a day and since then he has been experimenting by moving the code and changing the type of ads. These days he can boast an AdSense income if some $600-$800 a day from his content sites.

Joel covered the AdSense basics such as the different tactics you can use; Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat.

The conclusion he reached was that you should only use “White Hat” techniques for AdSense content sites as this is the only way to build long term profits. AdSense publishing is not a get rich quick scheme, it is a business which needs building up over time to create a regular passive income.

He also went through the benefits of quality content and how to get of it, the Top 10 mistakes made by AdSense publishers and also 5 strategies to use to increase AdSense income.

I had stopped using AdSense on one site as I was barely making any money at all from it.

After this particular talk I went home and re-added Google AdSense adverts to the site but this time I used the tips and techniques that Joel had given us.

After 1 and 1/2 months I have seen a huge improvement in earnings – just from changing a couple of things about placement of the ads and ad types.

My earnings/impressions ratio has increased by a massive 137%.

You can find Joel’s eBook: “What Google Never Told You About Making Money With AdSense” at the following website:


27th October 2006
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On Saturday afternoon the presentation was given by Mike Filsaime.

Mike is the man behind the massive launch at the beginning of this year – Butterfly Marketing.

His 90+ minutes session was dedicated to describing some of his advanced marketing secrets including using TCF Marketing to increase profits.

What does TCF mean? Well, that’s Traffic, Conversion and Frequency.

Mike’s a very astute marketer and that came across whilst he was talking to the room. One of the first things he said was that if you have a product, make sure you bring it to the market first – don’t get beaten.

It makes sense because when you release a new product or service then at that point it is technically the worst it will ever be. You can improve it as you go along, once you have already made sales. If you hold off forever, it will take longer and longer to get your product to the market and by that time, someone will have beaten you to it.

Another excellent point I noted; do what you do best but outsource everything else. If website building is something you are good at, do it but for everything else, get someone else’s input.

Third, work on just one project at a time. Mike showed an example of how if you work on more than one project you hold back the others. The lesson learnt was that you should wait until your first project is done, then start another. If you have ideas in the meantime, note them down and come back to them later.

Another top tip – make everything in your business as automated as possible. “Email will destroy your business”; i.e. use a helpdesk when you have a lot of customers or prospects to support.

There was a whole load more information which he passed on, lots of great and useful techniques.

To show this wasn’t all just “talk”, Mike proceeded to show us some real-life examples of the power of his marketing techniques. Past students such as Michael Cheney and Jim Daniels were quoted, both of whom had earnt huge amounts of money by following Mike’s Butterfly Marketing methods.

This was a great presentation and I look forward to seeing Mike Filsaime speak again in the near future.

Shortly after the seminar I purchased Mike’s latest product, the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript:

Click here to get The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript

http://www.ButterflyMarketingManuscript.co.ukA full review will follow…

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