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13th December 2006
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Over the past couple of days I have been watching the UK Internet Entrepreneur DVDs which I ordered last week.

This 8 DVD set contains all the presentations from the weekend seminar which was held less than 2 months ago.

Therefore, it’s very much up-to-date information.

So far I have seen 4 of the DVDs.

The first DVD features the “Two Neils” – Neil Stafford and Neil Travers who go through their business on screen. They have several websites up and running and they describe how they built their business over the last 5 years or so.

Simon Coulson is featured on the second DVD in his first seminar appearance. He went through how he has built up an extremely profitable business in just 3 years. Fascinating stuff…

A copywriter by the name of Nick Wrathall is shown on the 3rd DVD and he goes through his secrets to writing good copy. Nick was one of Stuart Goldsmith’s “Inner Circle” subscribers and he has become extremely successful after he acted on the advice given by Stuart.

Peter Woodhead goes through how to use Public Domain material to create your own products on the 4th DVD and concentrates on showing the audience exactly where to go to find this material.

I’ll do a full review of these and the remainder of the DVDs in the near future but I’ll say this:

I’m impressed with these DVDs because they contain footage of UK (rather than US) internet marketers who are very successful. Also, these marketers have made money by avoiding selling to the “business opportunity” crowd on the whole i.e. they weren’t just writing “how to make money” manuals.

So far, these DVDs are highly recommended and I still have 4 DVDs to view!

Find out more at:

The UK Internet Entrepreneur Conference DVD Set