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27th February 2009
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I got a great offer yesterday via an affiliate promotion by a real scumbag marketer.

Why do I stay on his list when I don’t like or trust him?

Easy – he shows me what is crap.

If he promotes it then 9 out of 10 times it’s junk.

On this one occasion though, I liked what he promoted and bought it.

Of course, I didn’t buy through his link. I went straight to the sales page on purpose through a different browser so I knew he wouldn’t get any credit.

The offer is for a DVD from the two PPC experts who released PPC Classroom and it’s basically a “pay the postage and you can have all these goodies (but you’ll be enrolled on our forced continuity monthly membership)”

So for $10 ($7 if you are in the US/Canada) I get the DVD mailed to me and I also get full access to PPC Classroom (which used to sell for a lot more than $10 in its own right) and I also get 30 days trial to this special new membership they have.

To be quite honest I didn’t read much about the new membership site as I was more interested in the DVD.

They’ve got 30 days to convince me to stay a member which is what they are aiming for I guess.

The sales process was a long one with the compulsory 3 OTOs (that’s “One Time Offers” for the uninitiated) and as I was going through them all and clicking “No Thanks” on each page I had one thought in my mind;

How is the little guy supposed to compete with this?

These marketers – and I’ll give them a free plug here – Anik Singal and Amit Mehta – have really put some work into this offer and it looks great.

The graphics are superb, the sales pages are inviting to read and great to look at, and everything flows smoothly from initial sales page through all the various steps to finally end up at the “thank you” page.

No glitches or errors, payment was accepted immediately and I was eventually led to a confirmation page asking me to check my email.

I checked my inbox and my account for PPCClassroom.com was already activated and the details sitting in a new message – all done within a couple of minutes of the order going through.


So how is a one man operation, working out of a spare bedroom in the family home, supposed to compete with this kind of professionalism?

If you’ve been around the information business for even a small amount of time, you’ll know that this business is always touted as a simple way to make money but I imagine that a LOT of work went into this new promotion. Work that a one-man-band-in-a-spare-room just couldn’t get done in a reasonable amount of time.

OK, you say, maybe they couldn’t make such an elaborate offer but anyone can write an ebook and sell it on.

Of course they can. Just download OpenOffice.org, write your ebook and export to PDF.


But even if you create that ebook, and write a wonderful sales page, and price it at a paltry $7 – are you going to be able to compete?

Anik and Amit will have lots of JV partners with big customer lists full of proven buyers.

And these JV partners aren’t just getting commission on the $7/$10 – they’ll be getting commission on each and every OTO (3, count them!) PLUS they’ll be getting commission on the monthly recurring charges – $97 per month.

In short, no big marketer is going to promote your ebook for $7 a time when they can push their list through an affiliate link to an offer like Anik and Amit have created and potentially get 100s of dollars per sale.

At the same time, why would anybody buy your little ebook when they can get access to a proven system for just a few dollars?

It seems that it is getting harder and harder for the little guy to compete with these marketers who, although they say that the business can be run from home, have large offices as well as interns, paid members of staff and teams of programmers in Eastern Europe.

I guess the only way to consider competing is to change niches.

Go elsewhere, away from the “make money online” niche.

Or I suppose you could try and target potential customers who are brand new to internet marketing. You could make them outlandish promises of instant wealth if they just buy your Clickbank product.

That method must work as I see lots of marketers doing it over and over.

Either way, it’ll be tough to target people who are a little more aware of the industry unless you have some real meat to your offer – like the one made at PPCClassroom.com.

I’m betting on the big guys – and it really doesn’t surprise me that there is such a huge failure rate in info publishing.

It would be nice to be proved wrong though.

11th February 2009
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Quick warning if you were thinking of spending a dollar on Keith Wellman’s latest offering.

Read through the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.

Along with Gary Ambrose, Keith has released a special offer for footage of a “$5,000” seminar for just $1.

For this product it is very apparent that¬†Keith has made sure to cover his back after receiving a lot of flack during his “AutoPilotFX” launch a few months ago. The main complaints were about extremely poor customer service.

You can read more about that at the following blog:

[Edit: Apologies folks, the author of the blog has decided to remove all of the posts he made]

By signing your initials on the order form, you are agreeing to join a $40 per month forced continuity program. You are also agreeing to be charged $150 if you chargeback any month from Keith’s company. I’m not sure if it would stand up in court but that’s what’s in the small print:

By purchasing the Breakthrough Profit Creation product for $1 you agree to also sign up to the free 30 day trial of the Masters of the Month program. After 30 day we will automatically bill your card for $39.95 and each month after… There are no refunds on the Masters of the Month DVD. If we at FX Marketing Inc get a chargeback from any purchase or monthly billing we may excecute the right to charge you for the cost of the chargeback as well as a $150 processing fee. If the customer wins the chargeback, the debt is still valid and we may attempt to collect that debt via a 3rd pary collection agency.

(all taken from http://www.fxmarketinginc.com/wellman_tos.htm)

Unfortunately I don’t trust Mr Wellman after a bad experience buying a product through his link in 2007. Therefore, I wouldn’t use a normal credit card to buy this from him.

To avoid the forced continuity trap I would use a temporary credit card with a very low balance so any attempt to rebill me would fail.

But, that’s just my opinion.

Read more about that tactic here:

Avoiding the Internet Marketing Forced Continuity Trap

You may well wish to receive the “Masters of the Month” DVDs and so you will need to make sure to use a credit card that can be rebilled at a rate of $40 a month.

I just wanted to make sure that you didn’t miss the part in the sales video which tells you that you will be signing up for a continuity program – whether you like it or not.