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15th November 2010
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To make a change from writing blog posts about dodgy opportunities, here’s an update that is similar to the newsletters I used to send out and focuses on some good opps.

I realise that these appear to be few and far between recently.

Further down you’ll find links to some great free information from a well-known expert information publisher who has been quiet for quite some time. Evidently he’s still beavering away in the background.

But first…

The One A Day System

This opp is currently being tested and the results updated regularly on the main site:

The “One a Day” System from Clive Keeling of Canonbury Publications

Sometimes it seems that as soon as I start to test a system it goes through a big losing streak.

Remember the Lazy Lay system from a couple of years ago?

The Lazy Lay Quick Profits System by Bill Stratford

Not long after I started to use that system it began to lose money consistently.

Eventually it seems everyone gave up on it, apart from the publishers that is, who still have it up for sale online.

Clive’s system started quite badly for me, the second bet was a painful loser, as was the 5th bet but then it got interesting.

Ten winning bets over ten consecutive days brought the bank back into profit and suggested that this system has potential.

Of course, 3 losing days in a row straight after that threw a spanner in the works and even Clive admitted on the 3rd day that he should’ve declared it a “no bet” day.

19 bets so far probably isn’t a valid statistical test so I will be continuing with this one.

If you’re interested in the One A Day system, keep an eye on the results using the link above.

A 100 day test would seem to be reasonable as that would equate to 100 bets so that’s what I’ll aim for.

Making Money From Financial Spread Trading

If you’ve read through BizOppsUK.com then you’re probably aware that Vince Stanzione’s spread betting course was the first biz opp I bought back in 2004.

Since then I’ve jumped in and out of spread betting and fixed odds betting. My BetOnMarkets accounts never did very well and I can’t say I’ve ever really warmed to that site.

Spread betting, however, is a completely different story.

At the beginning I lost some money – mainly through making some silly day trades on a whim – but recently I have been quite successful trading UK shares long and short.

I’ve a load of trades open at the moment, all expiring on the 14th December and overall I am doing pretty well. Of course, this could all change by the expiry date so we will have to wait and see.

However, I am very happy with the latest version of Vince’s course which has gone through a re-vamp.

More details are available on the site, including results:

Vince Stanzione, Spread Betting and First Information

Stuart Goldsmith

Over the weekend I was looking through the manuals and folders sat on my bookshelf and found a course I hadn’t read in some time – Escape the Matrix by Stuart Goldsmith.

In the past Stuart always seemed to retire, then return, then retire again. He has been quiet for a long time now with no new products.

His site shows that he is still writing from time to time and you can read several of Stuart’s reports for free – completely free, he doesn’t even ask for an email address – on his site:

Stuart Goldsmith – Free Downloads

Have a good read through his reports, it’s well worth your time and you may well just pick up some ideas that you can use to make more money.

Random Bits

Have you used Vince Stanzione’s methods? How have you fared?

What about the One A Day System? What kind of results have you got?

Are there any other betting systems that you like the sound of but haven’t bought yet? I’m looking for other systems to test, hopefully ones from credible sources, not the junk that one Barnsley internet marketer keeps releasing under fake names!

If you’ve anything to add, feel free to add a comment to this post.