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7th January 2012
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Several UK marketers were featured yesterday on a BBC Radio 4 show called “The Internet Millionaires’ Club“.

Mark Lyford, Chris Cobb and Dean Holland were three that I recognised.

The description was:

“Jolyon Jenkins enters the world of mirrors that is internet marketing. Here, ordinary people dream of becoming millionaires without having to do any work. It is really possible?”

You can listen to it via BBC iPlayer at the following link:

BBC iPlayer – The Internet Millionaires’ Club

Some thoughts:

* Dean Holland probably regrets admitting that he didn’t buy his new ‘$44,000’ BMW outright and that he had to use hire purchase. An admission like that does weaken the boast somewhat.

* The presenter states that he thinks some marketers should be hauled in front of the courts for fraud. 100% agreed.

* He sums up internet marketing pretty well – Mentor A mentors B, B becomes mentor and mentors C who then becomes a mentor and so on.

Obviously he wasn’t going to be able to delve very far in just 30 minutes of air time but some good points were covered.

It would be great if this started a series of shows featuring more of the so-called experts as the presenter was asking some good, probing questions.

However, considering this was broadcast at 11am on a Friday it looks like the BBC isn’t going to make exposing dodgy internet marketers one of its priorities.