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22nd August 2013
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Update 29th October 2013:

Please note that I have been informed by [removed] that the junk sites, videos, blog posts and “reviews” that are talked about in this blog post exist because they are a result of:

…marketing done by other people.  This is marketing over which we have no control and yet you seem to be suggesting that somehow we are doing something underhand…

[edited, again, by Ben]

End of Update

I’m going to make a prediction.

I predict that Tim Lowe will soon be announcing a new sports trading system called “SportSure” and rather than releasing it with Matt Fyles he will be teaming up with his customers Tony Langley and Pauline Wheeler-Reid.

Before you start thinking this all came to me in a dream and I’m some 21st century Mystic Meg I’ll reveal my secret… it’s already plastered all over the web.

Over the past couple of years a strange series of websites have popped up announcing Tim Lowe’s new products. Sometimes, as in this case, before any sales letters go out through the post.

Blog posts appear with several comments from customers but suspiciously these customers discuss the sales page before it has even been released.

Yahoo’s “Answers” website has a question from somebody about the product and then an answer shortly afterwards pointing to a “review” on a website.

For example “Susan” asks about a letter from Tim Lowe on 9th July 2013 and 6 minutes later “Brian” answers, pointing her to a SportSure blog post on makemoneyforum.co.uk:


And here’s Brian and Susan again with their question and answer session about AITradeSafe in February 2013.

This time Brian answers Susan in less than 5 minutes! He is helpful enough to point her to ukdropshop.com where in the review there is a link to AITradeSafe with the code “Lowedown” at the end. What’s Tim Lowe’s email newsletter called?


All very suspicious.

Collating the various websites that currently advertise SportSure we have:

onlinework.biz – created September 2013, owned by “D Roberts”, registration address Flixton Road, Urmston, M41 5AN

It says:

“Don’t lose hope; SportSure is different, and is being taught by professionals”

The article is so popular (before SportSure has even been released by the way) that it currently has a rating of 9.7/10 from 9 votes cast.

Also reviewed on this website: AITradeSafe, “The £250 Method”, “Peter Butler £50 a Day”, makemoneyforum.co.uk, “Income Bonus Scooper” and JacVapour

slideshare.net – on 6th July 2013 somebody posted a slide on this website that points to makemoneyforum.co.uk.

It says:

“SportSure Sports Trading on Betfair. Promoted by Tim Lowe. Produced by Pauline Wheeler-Reid & Tony Langley”.

A user named “profitmaximiser” posted a comment saying “Sportsure Looks great.”

The summary points to “sportsuretrading.com” which was registered on the 3rd July 2013 by Waverley Media. No website exists on that domain at present. It also points to “simple-sports-trading-profits.com” which is also owned by Waverley Media having been registered on 2nd July 2013.

Blog on blogspot.co.uk

Posted on Friday 5th July 2013 somebody has created a blog with the name “sportsure-reviews-sports-trading” and text along the lines of:

“Launching is the brand new Betfair System by Tim Lowe Called: SportSure”

The blogger who posted this has the G+ username “Make money Forum”.

Following his clickable username to G+ reveals a profile page that advertises “Profit Maximiser”, SportSure, JacVapour, “Peter Butler £50 a Day” and others.

He claims to live in London and appears to use a picture of an author called Peter Johnson that can also be found on this website:


DailyMotion.com (9th July 2013)

Next up we have a “video” that is just a waste of bandwidth for everyone concerned. It’s 30 seconds of this:

Daily Motion video for SportSure

The summary points to a blog post on makemoneyforum.co.uk.


And now we come to makemoneyforum.co.uk which is owned by a “non-UK individual” known as “Robert Maxwell”.

Did he not fall off a boat?

10/10 with 9 votes cast on this one.

“SportSure is a Brand New Betfair Training Course That Has Hit The Trading Market”

Only it hasn’t.


A drop-down widget thing appears when you go on this blog which announces that “Simon Roberts” is the admin.

When he isn’t doing the admin for strange advertising blogs it seems that Simon Roberts like to use his image to advertise hair transplants:


Or maybe it’s just another picture of a random man lifted from the internet.

Also advertised on makemoneyforum.co.uk: Profit Maximiser, “Peter Butler £50 a Day”, AITradeSafe, JacVapour, “The £250 Method”

Youtube.com (5th July 2013)

The useless video from DailyMotion (see above) has also been uploaded to Youtube.

The summary points to the blogspot blog mentioned above. It’s Peter Johnson’s picture here again. The same Youtube account has another video advertising Profit Maximiser.

Another Blogspot blog

Again this was posted on Friday 5th July 2013 by “Make money Forum”.

I’m not sure this is what Google intended when they created Blogspot but they have been given the privilege of having this drivel hosted on their servers.

The gist of it is:

“If you have come across SportSure Trading Then Read On.”

~ more inane text here ~

~ Youtube video here ~

“Join SportSure Today, and learn yourself how these two people are making enviable profits from Betfair.”

The PR websites

On the 10th July 2013 there were “press releases” posted on prlog.org and pr9.net pointing to ukdropshop.com.

In what is becoming the norm in these suspicious blog posts, the ukdropshop.com blog post already has a score of 10/10 with 12 votes cast.

According to the drop down widget that appears when you land on ukdropshop.com the “editor” here is somebody calling himself Jason Jones.

Jason really needs to take some action because some cheeky websites are using his personal photo as an example of how to get to grips with photo editing:


The whois for ukdropshop.com shows the owner is hiding behind privacy protection so he doesn’t want to be found.

Also advertised on ukdropshop.com: “Peter Butler £50 a Day”, AITradeSafe, JacVapour, “The £250 Method”, “Bonus Scooper”, Tim Lowe’s V System

vimeo.com (9th July 2013)

The same useless video on this site, this time from “John Jones”.

From the summary:

“A brand new concept that is about to hit the market, called SportSure by Tim Lowe, and training by Pauline Wheeler Reid, and Tony Langley. Entertainment?”

It points to one of the blogs above.


3 different pages:

Tony Langley SportSure Trainer
Pauline Wheeler-Reid SportSure Trainer
Tim Lowe The SportSure Marketer

None have any information on them. It’s just more digital landfill.


There’s also a “SportSure” twitter account with no followers but 13 tweets, each one pointing to one of the websites mentioned above.


I could go on but it’s depressing looking at this kind of tripe.

When somebody purposely goes all-in to game the search engine results like this, with extremely suspicious scoring systems on blog posts, likely fake reviewers and photos of random innocent people taken from websites you have to wonder what’s going on.

[Text removed by Ben on 29th October 2013]

How do I know it’s this same Urmston-based marketer?

Breadcrumbs. There are always breadcrumbs that lead back to the source.

Whether these posts are from somebody called Steven or Donna or both only they know.

UPDATE 17th October 2013

Please see the main site for an initial review of SportSure Trading Programme, which was released yesterday:

Review of the SportSure Trading Programme from Tim Lowe, Pauline Wheeler-Reid and Tony Langley