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18th October 2006
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Darren Winters runs investment seminars through his company, the Winters Investment Network.

He has been giving these 3 day workshops for years but recently started a major advertising campaign in the National Press. You may have seen the adverts in the Sunday Mail or, quite surprisingly, Inside Soap magazine!

(Of course, I don’t buy this magazine – honestly – but my girlfriend reads it every week. I just have a glance through to look at the adverts)

With this new campaign, WIN Investing are touring the UK offering free, 3 hour trading workshops.

I attended the Manchester workshop and was looking forward to seeing Darren in full sales mode.

Unfortunately I was sad to see that he wasn’t there and had sent one of his employees to do the selling.

Expecting the big man himself, I was very disappointed and left halfway through.

A week later I received a call from a very nice lady from WIN Investing offering me a hefty discount on the seminar but I politely declined. She also offered me a home study course which I also declined.

Perhaps if Darren was still doing the seminars himself I would have accepted but they have employed a new investing guru to run the 3 day weekend courses.

If you are interested, there is more on the site:


Vince Stanzione runs similar courses and also offers a home study course on financial trading. He too is featured on the site:


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