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10th October 2007
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This blog has been a little quiet over the last couple of weeks because I was gearing up to, and then attending, the UK “Brit Pack Live” event in Coventry.

Robert Puddy and Pat Lovell organised and hosted this 3 day internet marketing seminar at a very nice hotel in Meriden, near Coventry.

And it’s fair to say that I had a very, very good time.

In fact, although I really shouldn’t say this, I got more from the drinking and chatting each day after the presentations than I did from the presentations themselves! That isn’t to say that the speakers weren’t top-class, they were, but I met a whole load of extremely positive people and fellow marketers from the UK and further afield.

The only negative point was the train home afterwards. Stuck on a very slow moving Virgin train to Preston with the hangover from hell isn’t my idea of a relaxing Sunday.

It was my own fault, I was with a load of people in the hotel bar until half 6 Sunday morning.

We got carried away with the conversation and didn’t realise what time it was. I completely missed the 11 o’clock checkout and the first two presentations on the Sunday but I’ve ordered the DVDs to catch up.

Robert and Pat got a standing ovation at the end of the event and a huge take-up for next year’s event – everyone was in agreement that the event was an outstanding success.

I highly recommend that you attend next year, it’s a brilliant learning experience and a whole lot of fun.

Stay tuned for a full review…

To keep you going, here’s a review from the 2006 Focus 4 the Future seminar, last year’s equivalent to this one:


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