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18th April 2010
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Robert Puddy is holding his annual UK internet marketing seminar in Bristol on the weekend of the 7th, 8th and 9th of May 2010.

This annual event is one that I’m always happy to promote because I know first hand how beneficial it is to attend.

Seminars can be a very difficult sell because people simply don’t realise their worth until they’ve actually been to one. It’s much easier to sell a ticket to someone who’s already attended an event because they know how valuable seminars can be.

So, here are 13 reasons why I think you need to book your ticket to the LFMpire seminar now and get to Bristol for the 7th May:

1. No one is successful as an internet marketer when working completely on their own, it’s a team sport. Look at any of the big marketers, the ones who pull in a lot of money, they all work with friends. You find these friends by going to events and meeting people

2. A ticket for the three day Bristol LFMpire seminar is just £67 at present, which is a bargain

3. Robert has attracted many excellent speakers across the pond in the past and this event is no different. You’ll hear from Donna Fox, Johnny Andrews, Simon Leung and Omar Martin plus from the UK there’s Martin Avis and Robert Puddy.

4. Getting away from distractions will leave you free to concentrate on your business for three days – when was the last time you could do that?

5. You’ll meet lots of people who understand what it is you’re trying to achieve online

6. No matter how experienced you are, you’ll learn something – probably from the speakers but don’t be surprised if one of your fellow attendees gives you some great, useful information in the bar one night

7. If you’re looking for joint venture partners, marketers you’ve met ‘in the flesh’ will be far more likely to JV with you than someone you’ve only spoken to on a forum

8. When someone’s had a drink, they often let their defenses drop a little which basically means they tell others things they wouldn’t usually. Gossip, stories, promises, hints, tips, secrets; they’re all shared late on at an event. If you’re not there, you’ll never know.

9. I won’t namedrop but I’ve spoken to plenty of big names one-on-one at events and now they know who I am, answer my emails and often help me if I need it. All this from spending ten minutes chatting over a beer once at an event.

10. The hotel is big, comfortable and inexpensive. I’ve booked a room on B&B rates for £55 per night. Compare that to one event I attended – it was in a hotel that cost me £170 (ex VAT) for the first night without breakfast…

11. I’ll be there… but seriously, you’re reading this blog and now know I’ll be at the event. You regularly read emails and blog posts from other marketers, some of whom will be in Bristol in May. It’s surprising who turns up as an attendee but doesn’t advertise the fact they’re going.

12. You’ll get to meet Robert Puddy and experience his unique sense of humour

13. You’ll get a lovely badge with your name on it!

So step out of your comfort zone and get yourself down to Bristol.

By the end of the Sunday you’ll be kicking yourself for waiting so long to attend an internet marketing seminar.

Tickets are still available from the website at just £67 for the entire weekend:


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  1. I was in it for the badge!

    Comment by Bill — 11th May 2010 @ 1:39 pm

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